13th June 2024

Finding the Right Knee Support: A Guide to Brace, Cap, and Walker Sticks for Optimal Mobility


This blog explores the types and functions of knee braces and walker sticks from Vissco Next. Knee brace provides stabilization, compression, and support for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Vissco Next offers a range of braces and walking aids made from high-quality, lightweight materials to provide specialized orthopedic support.

What is a Knee Brace and its Functions?

A knee brace is worn around the knee joint to provide compression, improve stability, and support proper knee positioning. Knee braces have multiple functions:

  • Injury Prevention and Protection: Wearing knee braces during sports or strenuous activities protects the knee joint from sudden movements or blows. Braces with hinges or rigid frames prevent hyperextension.
  • Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation: Doctors recommend wearing a knee brace during early recovery after surgeries like ACL reconstruction or meniscus repair. The brace provides compression to reduce swelling and supports new tissue growth.
  • Pain Relief: Conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, or a runner’s knee cause knee pain. Elastic knee sleeves provide mild compression and warmth to relieve these pains. Unloader braces redistribute weight from damaged cartilage.

Types of Knee Supports and Braces

Knee support comes in various designs depending on the level of support and stabilization required:

  • Knee Sleeves: Neoprene sleeves offer mild compression and warmth to relieve arthritis.
  • Strapped Supports: Use adjustable straps above and below the knee cap for stabilization.
  • Hinged Braces: Control hyperextension and mediolateral movement. Recommended post-surgery.
  • Unloader Braces: Shift weight off damaged cartilage to reduce arthritis pain.

Why Choose Vissco Next for Knee Supports?

Vissco Next is a leading brand for medical and surgical supplies in India. Reasons to choose Vissco Next knee support:

  • Extensive range of knee braces and supports for injury recovery, rehabilitation, and pain relief. Products are available for mild, moderate, and maximum support.
  • High-quality materials like neoprene, elastane, and polyamide that provide compression, retain warmth, and wick moisture. Durable metal hinges for optimum support.
  • Scientifically designed products recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. Customizable for left or right knees.
  • Affordable pricing starts at just ₹210. Products designed for accessibility and convenience.
  • Trusted brand with 40+ years of healthcare experience and impeccable quality standards.

Walker Sticks for Mobility Support

Walker sticks, or canes provide critical mobility support for injured or elderly individuals. Benefits of walker sticks:

  • Improved balance and stability by providing an extra point of contact with the ground. Help prevent slips or falls.
  • Reduces weight-bearing strain on injured or weak legs by redistributing body weight.

Types of Walker Sticks

  • Standard Canes – Basic design with a single shaft and handle grip. Provide minimal support.
  • Tripod Canes – Have a three-legged triangular base for greater stability than standard canes.
  • Quad Canes – A four-legged base gives maximum stability. It is ideal for elderly individuals or outdoor use.
  • Adjustable Canes – Height can be customized as per the user’s height. Ensures proper fit.

Vissco Next walker sticks with adjustable heights, ergonomic handles, lightweight aluminum material, and anti-rust epoxy powder coating provide optimal mobility support.


Knee braces provide targeted support and pain relief for rehabilitation and managing knee conditions. Vissco Next offers a vast range of high-quality, affordable knee supports. Their walker sticks are also designed to provide maximum mobility assistance for injured or elderly individuals.