13th June 2024

Top 4 Reasons Why Postcard Marketing Is Effective?

Using different channels to communicate with clients and investors can establish your brand in their minds. For several compelling reasons, your real estate business may gain a lot from direct mail. Studies show that postal marketing using postcards are among the least expensive and most successful marketing techniques. One of the most effortless ways to attract new customers is through direct mail postcards, which 90% of people open and read. 

Here are a few advantages of direct mailing marketing using postcards and how it blends well with other marketing efforts.

  • Adaptability

Direct mailing of postal cards is adaptable. It can be an invite or a momentary marketing tool, like a voucher. In this manner, cards would be an excellent strategy for a new business to break into the market.

Postcard marketing can serve as a reminder tool or educate clients. This is ideal for businesses that want to build long-term connections with their customers rather than aim for quick purchases. Personalized ones with images are frequently used in this kind of strategy to remind the customer of their relationship. You may send out many cards in your vicinity announcing new listings or that give the recipient an inside look at your business.

  • Achieves High Conversion Rate

Marketing means connecting with customers. According to recent research, 98 percent of customers collect their mail the day it arrives, and 77 percent love to open it immediately. Thus, a direct post, instead of email marketing, enables you to bypass the annoying spam folder in your inbox and reach your target.

With the help of cards, you can take advantage of the opportunity to announce a forthcoming sale, listing, or an open house event. By mentioning your contact details, you can drive the likelihood of clicks on your website for additional information.

  • Efficacious And Effective

One of the most quantifiable marketing strategies is direct mail marketing using postcards. You can track the number of cards sent out and the response rates using coupons or codes after it is being used.

This aspect makes the postal cards quantifiable and straightforward to target your audience. Postal cards are personalized to the extent that you may choose a demographic or geographic target, or even a physiological group, in contrast to other kinds of marketing that may reach audiences outside of your target audience.

  • Using It As Part Of A Marketing Strategy

The three main components of a successful marketing campaign are the capacity to contact the core demographic, effectively deliver a message and track the outcomes. When combined with other initiatives, direct mail postcards are a fantastic tool. It can spread a message, build a brand, produce immediate returns, and compile crucial data. This strategy will assist your overall marketing initiatives.  


Unlike emails and video commercials, cards are physical objects you can touch and interact with. That is why postcard mailing is still a crucial marketing component and should be used by your real estate company, regardless of your inclination towards digital tactics.