21st July 2024

Will Storm Shelter Add Value To Your Home?

This is a question homeowners ask when thinking about adding one in their home. Will it increase the value of my home, so I can ask for more money? Does it make it sell faster? Is it worth the cost of adding one to my home? These are all great questions to ask.

Perhaps the real question you should be asking, is your family’s or your lives worth it? This is a loaded question. Of course, anything that will save your lives is worth the money. This depends on where you live. Maybe if you live in the Northeast, they are not really necessary. Probably not along the Eastern shores, or extreme Northwestern states either. However, that is not entirely true. Did you know that storm shelters are also panic rooms too? You can have one installed to protect you from intruders, as well as that one big storm that comes your way, every so often.

Now if you live in the Midwestern, and Southwestern states, you know all too well the dangers of tornadoes. You never know when one is going to strike. The same goes for Hurricanes in Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina. Having an above-ground shelter is the key to keeping your family safe when they do come. Not all tornadoes hit your home, however, the debris usually does. Don’t become a statistic, be a survivor.

No matter where you live, you can have one installed in your home. Just look up above ground storm shelter and your state, such as, if you live in Texas, type in above ground storm shelter Texas. There are about sixteen different dealers that you can call to get estimates and information on what you need for your household.

Why above, and not underground shelters. Studies found that there were some instances where deaths could have been avoided, had the victims not been underground. Trees, buildings, or even cars landed on the shelters, trapping them. They eventually lost air and died. Another problem was water. An overabundance of rain flooded the shelters, and victims drowned. This is the reason for going with above ground shelters.

Above ground, shelters can be installed anywhere in the home. They come with all kinds of modern amenities, such as air or heat. They have their own backup batteries to keep them “on”. They are automatic shutting and opening to make sure you are safe quickly. They even have cell phone chargers and lighting so that you will not feel claustrophobic.

The shelters come in many sizes, from closet sized to whole rooms. There are even bed shelters, which fold up all around to you to provide instant safety, without moving. All of these types of shelters are designed to keep you comfortable while confined to safety. You will not feel cramped. This is why you need to schedule an appointment so that the company can design one just right for your family.

As for the added value to your home when reselling. It adds about $2500 to the overall listing price. This is about a third of the installation cost. The real value is the fact that you have one in your home, in any of the danger zones. Your home will be much faster than a home that does not have a shelter.

Do yourself, and your family a great favor. Call around to find out about an Above ground storm shelter Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, or wherever you live, that you will need one. Good luck and stay safe!