21st July 2024

A Guide to Planning Your Funeral

Planning your funeral arrangements in Bountiful can help you make thoughtful and informed decisions about your wake and burial. You can be more specific with your choices and get the kind of funeral you desire rather than rely on what your family will decide upon in the future.

Your family will also appreciate it if you plan your funeral arrangements early. They will not go through the financial and logistical burden of your funeral after your death. However, a pre-planned funeral arrangement is not easy to pull off. Follow this guide to help you plan for your funeral.

Cemetery Arrangements

When choosing a cemetery in Bountiful, it’s essential to consider the number of plots you want to buy, the upkeep of the burial grounds, vacancy, and location.

While planning for your cemetery arrangements, you might also want to prepare for the future of your family. If you want your immediate family to be buried next to you someday, you can purchase multiple plots. With this in mind, ask the cemetery about their vacancy.

Also, it’s crucial to visit the cemetery before you sign any papers. Take a look at the plot that you wanted to buy. Are they in a good location? Observe how the grounds are maintained. Is the area clean and well-kept?

Burial Arrangements

This part of your funeral arrangements answers the question: “How do you want to be buried?”

If you don’t want to be buried, your next best options are cremation and donation for research. If you’re going to be cremated, your ashes can either be stored in an urn and displayed in your family’s home, or scattered anywhere you wish.

You can also donate your remains for research. Many medical research facilities accept remains as donations. Your body will be subject to medical screening to determine which research criteria should it be used for.

Funeral Service

For your funeral service, decide where you want it to be held. Then, choose the type you want and the events that should go with it. The most common types of funeral service are memorial services, graveside services, and home funeral service. You can include activities such as visitations and viewings.

Don’t Forget to Inform Your Family

First, inform your family about the documents that pertain to your pre-planned funeral and where they are filed. Second, let them know how your funeral will be paid. This information should also be included along with the other documents. The US Federal Trade Commission recommends the purchase of life insurance policy or putting your funds in a state-regulated trust account to pre-pay for your funeral plans.

Your whole funeral pre-planning can be arranged with a funeral home of your choosing. However, it’s important to tell your family about the plans you made to ensure that they will be carried out.

Planning your funeral enables you to compare prices and services among funeral homes. Make sure to conduct thorough interviews of funeral homes, cemeteries, catering services, and all service providers to get every detail that you need. Don’t sign agreements unless you’re 100% sure.