21st May 2024

Letterheads: Importance, Types, and Design


Although there are many printing collaterals in business, letterheads holds a special place. Even in the current technology driven era, where everything is being digitized, letterheads haven’t lost their value. 

Many people consider letterhead as just a piece of correspondence but in actuality, it is a physical representation of a company. Even in the times of social media marketing and website, letterheads are still an important part of a company’s sales and marketing strategy. In addition to this, a well designed letterhead increases the credibility of a company. At the same time, it also acts as a great way of showing professionalism.

It doesn’t matter how much the world evolves and how many businesses shift to the online platform, writing letter will remain a strong part of business process and that’s why letterheads will never lose their value. You should know that letterheads are no more limited to businesses only as people have started using it for individual work as well.

Following are some of the most important values that a 4 color letterhead holds for a business

  • Provides a reputation and makes a good first impression
  • Develops a brand identity and allows free promotion and marketing. People will notice your brand and company, wherever your letterhead will go.
  • Evoke admiration of your company. Holding or reading an ordinary piece of paper will not affect the reader but a letterhead will surely evoke the admiration of your company.
  • The most obvious and important value that letterheads hold for your business is to act as a bearer of the company’s documentation.
  • In addition to this, a well-designed letterhead also acts as the most appealing and pristine physical representation of your company.

How to design an ideal letterhead?

If you are planning to design a letterhead for your company or looking forward to making changes to the existing one, then you need to consider various aspects of an ideal letterhead. A letterhead is as important as a brand and therefore, it becomes important for you to devote time and effort in designing an ideal letterhead for your company.

An ideal 4 color printing letterhead always looks professional. Otherwise, it creates the impression that the business is less competitive and you are not the one with whom they should deal with. By working with a professional graphic designer and an online letterhead printing company, you can work towards designing a good looking and professional letterhead and get it printed in bulk.

Once you have finalized the design and the same has been implemented on the letterhead while printing, it’s time to change all the stationery at the office according to the letterhead. Some of the most important stationery that you need to change in order to feature your letterhead are invoices; purchase orders envelop compliment slips and memo pads.

What are the different types of letterheads?

Based on colors, there are available five types of letterheads:

  • Single color
  • Multi color
  • Embossed
  • Foiled, and
  • Die-cut

And further we can divide letterheads based on the function as well:

  • Standard letterheads that are used for administrative purpose
  • Department letterheads that are used for used by different departments of a company
  • Executive letterheads that are designed especially for business leaders like CEO and MD, AND
  • Customer letterheads that are only used for internal communication within a company.

You can make a huge impact on your business by designing a creative and professional letterhead for your company. Make sure to get your letterhead designed and printed by experts. Otherwise you will not be able to reap the advantages offered by an attractive letterhead.