24th April 2024

Are prescription reading glasses worth it?

It’s okay to wonder if prescription reading glasses are worth it or not because they certainly cost more than off-the-shelf reading glasses. But the fact is, in most cases, prescription reading glasses are worth it and can save you from a lot of trouble. Yet, it all depends on your requirements and priorities regarding your eyes. Let’s check out these dependencies and also the alternatives to prescription reading glasses.

The vision-correction dependency.

If the strength you need in your lenses is less. For example, +0.25, +0.75, or even +1.50 or +2.00. You don’t really need to invest in prescription reading glasses as regular off-the-shelf readers will be quite fine to correct your vision.

But if the power of the lenses recommended by your doctor is more, then prescription reading glasses are certainly worth it.

Even if you have a low powered prescription but there is a distance between your pupils that’s way too small or way too wide, you must consider prescription reading glasses that are made from scratch. 

This is because, over the counter, you may find glasses made with the pupillary distance of the average human. If yours is different, you might have to face double vision and regular eye strains while wearing them. The best solution is to go to the opticians near you and let them check your pupillary distance. Then they will know exactly where to put the optical centre on each of your lenses to make reading glasses specifically for you.

If you are nearby, consider dropping by at our store in Bury or Walkden and get a comprehensive eye test done for free.

The quality dependency.

If the quality of the lenses is a priority for you, off-the-shelf reading glasses might not be a great choice. Because of mass production, the lenses used in them are meant to be of inferior quality which is the very reason why they are cheap to buy over the counter. 

Let’s say quality is not a big priority for you. Your prescription may keep changing now and then because of which you don’t need durable lenses. In this case and similar ones, regular over the counter reading glasses will suffice.

The protection dependency.

Off-the-shelf reading glasses bought from random medical stores aren’t well equipped in protective coatings like anti-glare, anti-blue light, and anti-UV. To add to that, if you wish to have such coatings on your lenses, it may cost you a fortune.

Now, are you wondering if these protective coatings are even important? They are more than important indeed. 

Anti-glare coatings are awesome at preventing the disturbance of light that bounces off objects. You might feel their need, especially when working on screen devices like laptops in a well-lit room. Also, when driving at night, you might have observed the light on the streets hitting your eyes and distracting you from the road ahead. Such a situation increases your chances of an accident. 

Additionally, you may have an eye disease like cataract because of which you are more sensitive towards bright light. These anti-glare coatings on lenses, in that event, will protect you from the unwanted reflected light.

Anti-UV coatings have quite a crucial role to play especially if sunshine and you are friends. That’s because the UVA and UVB rays of the sun are extremely harmful for your eyes. Enough that they can lead to something as serious as cancer of the eyelid and vision loss. While these are rare, you might have to suffer from regular irritation. Plus, diseases like macular degeneration may also trouble you if you do not protect your eyes against UV rays with anti-UV coatings.

Anti-blue light lenses are essential to save your eyes from the ill effects of devices we use all day long. Blue light not only leads to eye strains, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. But it may also ruin your sleep cycle, thus hampering your energy levels throughout the day.

With prescription reading glasses bought from Specscart, you get lenses already fully-loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings. That too, with impact-resistant glasses frames. All free of any charge. Also, anti-blue light lenses at Specscart are available at minimal rates without any compromise on quality.

But, are there any other options apart from prescription reading glasses in case you have a higher power? Yes!

3 Alternatives To Prescription Reading Glasses.

  1. Contact lenses: 

While spectacles have been standing out in the fashion world as a fast fashion accessory, there are still some people who prefer contact lenses instead. But, handling contact lenses is a difficult task of its own. If not taken care properly, the contacts may lead to irritation in the eye. Or diseases like allergic conjunctivitis. Also, contact lenses and the related eye exams are quite expensive for most people. 

  1. Refractive surgery: 

To end the dependence on glasses or contacts, you may consider refractive surgery as an option. For this, your natural lens may get replaced or your cornea may get remodelled. While it may seem a great one time option, you may have to face extreme side effects all your life. These include double vision, infections, dry eyes, halos, and starbursts. Also, the surgery is quite pocket-pinching because of which it is a less taken road to vision correction.

  1. Intraocular lens replacement: 

A cataract surgery or correction for presbyopia requires your eye’s natural lens to be replaced with an artificial one. This procedure is called intraocular lens replacement. People love this option because the replaced artificial lens in most cases cannot cause much trouble afterwards. Neither it can break down, nor the cataract can come back. But, intraocular lens replacement is an even more expensive procedure than refractive surgery. And is usually considered by patients only in extreme cases like that of a cataract-removal surgery.

We suggest getting prescription reading glasses instead of going for any of these options. That’s because prescription glasses are not only affordable than the above-mentioned options but extremely safe as well. 

Do not forget, safety and proper vision correction are the ultimate priorities when it comes to spectacles. You can stay assured of getting these priority boxes checked along with all those mentioned above when you buy prescription glasses online at Specscart. 

Get going! It’s time you take care of your eyes in style!