13th June 2024

How to Get Rid of Bad Credits and Enjoy Financial Freedom

Bad credits can give you nightmares and you will feel helpless.  This is because, no banks and lending companies will offer you loan of any kind. Your credit scores will be reflected in your credit report. If you apply for any loan, the first thing, which they will assess, is how good your payment habits are. Non-payment, late payment, debt settlement and bankruptcy can ruin your reputation. Sometimes, you do these things intentionally.  Sudden loss of job, poor health and loss of a family member can be responsible for non-payment of loans. If you have get into such situations at any point of time, you should look for options to get rid of it rather than feeling bad about yourself. Some of these tips are mentioned below:

Get in touch with your lender

If you have hard time in controlling your finances, what you can do is to get in touch with the lender and ask him to reduce the monthly payment. Some banks offer the facility to re-apply the same loan. The principle amount and the interest rates are revised. The monthly installment is reduced according to your paying capacity. You may be asked the reason why you want to do it. All you have to do is to let them know about your current financial condition. If you sound genuine, you will be able to get the approval from the bank for reducing the monthly installment.

Check the report carefully

It is suggested to contact the companies assessing the credit scores. Sometimes, there may be some errors and miscalculations in the report. You can easily get rid of these errors if you report them. In case, any monthly installment is stick due to any reason, you should contact the bank and make the payment as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended to keep your bank funded before the installment date. This way, you will avoid late payment.

Apply for a credit card

If may be difficult for you to apply for a credit card if your credit history is poor. However, you can contact an agent who can help you and get you a credit card. By paying the payment for this credit card on time, you can improve your credit scores to a great extent.

Keeping in mind above mentioned key points, you can easily get rid of bad credits and enjoy the financial freedom like before.