24th April 2024

What Should You Do If You are No Longer Wearing Your Diamonds?

It often seems that one day we just wake up to realize that we have a considerable amount of jewelry we no longer wear and use. It might be over the years of accumulating jewelry, the result of having jewelry handed down, or just something you love but eventually, it becomes too much.

Do you sell diamonds and old jewelry, is it worth anything? Do you store it? Pass it on? So much jewelry, so many decisions.

Do You Sell Diamonds, Keep Them, Gift Them, Donate Them…?

There are many options for what you should do if you are no longer wearing that old jewelry. Yes, you can sell diamonds and they do have value depending on many factors and variables.

For anyone who doesn’t want to deal with old jewelry or who might want some return value, selling your jewelry is a great option.

Of course, there are many other options, and those decisions like the value of your jewelry will be determined by many factors. For some of us, these are family heirlooms that have been passed down. Keeping these diamonds and this jewelry safe to pass on to our children makes sense in these cases.

In many instances, however, these are just extra pieces without any significant personal attachment. Some folks who are crafty and skilled in such practices might repurpose old jewelry and old pieces, to create new and beautiful jewelry.

What you do with your no longer used jewelry is up to you but be careful to take care of it. Diamonds stored loosely together can scratch and chip other diamonds, for example.

Keeping your jewelry and diamonds safe also means keeping them beautiful and valuable. Sell it, store it, repurpose it, the choice is yours, and always keep it safe – no matter what you do!