24th April 2024

How to make magic with artificial green walls


Both building owners and tenants love decor that brings an outstanding flair to the interiors of their buildings. The design of their interiors must have the capacity to draw the eyes of people. Expensive arts or living walls with fresh plants are a fine way to make a space inviting. But these are not only expensive but also difficult and costly to maintain.

Many commercial building owners use artificial greenery to improve the visual effect of their building. One of the main reasons is that it is easy and affordable to install and maintain. Another attraction of artificial greenery is the wide range of plant options available. Any residential or commercial building can make more creative and alluring by designing an artificial plant wall.

Choose the right location for artificial green wall

When you think of an artificial green wall, consider the size of the area where you want to work. Artificial walls look more alluring if it covers by a large wall. It looks more fascinating if the artificial greenery runs the entire width of your commercial or residential building. You can also consider customizing the racks or shelves by creating amazing designs.

When making an artificial green wall, the area that you cover for the project is highly important. If you choose a high-traffic area for creating the green wall, ensure to take measures to protect the plants. You can make the wall amazing and looking great with regular maintenance.


Importance of choosing the right plant varieties for an everlasting green artificial wall

Artificial plant walls are usually a maintenance-free way of decorating your space. Unlike natural plants, it does not require any watering or pruning. You do not worry about plant diseases or allergies while designing this wall. And the high-quality artificial plants that you buy do not fade so easily in natural light. So, your wall with artificial plants looks elegant for many years.

Things to consider making your artificial plant walls attractive

If you are a business owner, ensure to make a beautiful entrance for it that your customers and guests will remember forever. A green artificial wall with sparkling light certainly makes the space memorable and eye-catching. Some of the things you need to consider while making artificial living walls are:

  • Choose the right space
  • Quality and materials of the green artificial wall
  • Significance of UV-tested synthetic material
  • Get an idea about different types of green walls
  • Cost of green walls
  • Installation of artificial green walls
  • Maintenance of walls

When you plan to decorate your residential or commercial building with artificial greenery walls, you need to consider many elements. Before you decide on the project, you must have an idea about its ultimate vision. Besides, consider the space where you want to make the greenery and the limitations of the space. Choosing the right space is equally important to decorate the walls as if choosing the plant varieties.

Read more about artificial greeneries and the plant varieties that you can use to make an eye-catching artificial wall by visiting the website of Evergreen Direct. You can also contact them to set up a free design consultation for artificial plant walls with one of their design experts.