21st May 2024

Is it a good idea to buy used armored car?

Purchasing used or pre-owned vehicle can be a challenging task but owning one can be a safer ride, if you’re buying from a great, reliable resource. The sole purpose of armored vehicle is to offer protection, safety and you need to keep few things in mind while purchasing any bulletproof car. Here are some suggestions to crack a negotiable deal in a stress-free, smooth manner.

With respect to Canada or USA, purchasing armored cars has become an easy task, owning to its more scope and focus on armored automotive market. Due to the increasing need of bulletproof cars, the choices are available in abundance. The windows are bulletproof, while the whole body is armored. So how easy it to buy a used is armored car and is it legal to buy and sell as well?

Challenges to consider

The major concern here it would be state of the car! Though in the starting while test driving it may sound like a good deal, but you need to think whether it can offer the same level of security and performance in future as well. Some of the features can’t be instantly tested and you need to be very careful thinking as a safety investment from future perspective as well. The glasses and metal used in a car can fade, depending on the situation it faced earlier and it’s quite challenging to figure out the damage it caused on the armor.

Finding the best resource

Though you can find many resources online, there are only handful of them offer used vehicles. You need to shortlist those companies or accredited agencies who deal with authorised suppliers and certified manufactures.


Since you are buying a used car, assuming you get on stock clearance or good deal, you can save a large amount of money. The price difference between new and used armored car isn’t much, provided you’re looking for new makes or models. It’s best to narrow down the vehicles, comparing their features and performance before price factor.

You need to keep these challenges in mind over opting for a used armored vehicle. Though in general, it isn’t recommended to purchase such used cars, but as explained above, you need to be extremely cautions while buying used bullet proof car.

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