21st July 2024

Best headless e-commerce platforms in 2022


Headless commerce refers to the framework in which the fronted layers are decoupled from the backend e-commerce functionality under Magento Alternative. Simply acknowledging, the headless commerce model will separate the storefront layer from the e-commerce platform itself.

The headless approach allows two separate layers to work independently and communicate through APIs, giving you unparalleled flexibility to create a unique and personalized customer experience on the front end under headless e-commerce.


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Best headless e-commerce platforms

Magento Commerce

Magento is one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms and is currently arranged third on the record of the world’s most widely used e-commerce websites under Magento Alternative. This program is often praised for its powerful built-in features and remarkable customizability.

  • Magento open source: It is entirely free for download and access. However, there is still the charge of hosting, domain, additions, and development fee if you hire Magento developers under headless e-commerce.
  • Adobe commerce: The premium interpretation of Magento open source. Adobe commerce suits enterprise-level businesses with full-featured commerce solutions under Magento Alternative.

Shopify plus

Shopify is the leading SaaS e-commerce platform with more than 1.75 million active merchants. Initially, this platform was well-recognized as a hosted solution to help small merchants start online businesses under Magento Alternative.

Meanwhile, Shopify Plus is an extensive, cost-effective package for medium and large enterprises with advanced commerce features, endless capabilities, and built-in eCommerce automation tools under headless e-commerce.

Shopify’s headless solution claims to help you achieve total creative control to build new selling events anywhere – and manage it all from a central location under Magento Alternative.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce is another extrusive hosted eCommerce solution along with Shopify. The platform comprises top commerce features to help businesses instantly build their online presence under headless e-commerce.

BigCommerce Enterprise specializes in enterprise-level brands with the highest amount of all BigCommerce commerce factors.

BigCommerce headless declares to help you create unparalleled customer experiences powered by BigCommerce backend, the most advanced headless integration under Magento Alternative.


It is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms specializing in headless commerce. Based on the modern MACH principle, commerce tools support you in building and customizing the commerce solution to customize experiences to the exact needs of your business and customers under Magento Alternative.

It provides ready-made commerce building blocks to let you create or supplement your framework at measure. Additionally, the API-first approach allows you to connect commerce tools backend to all frontends and third-party implementation to achieve unrivaled flexibility under headless e-commerce.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is one of the top open-source software suites specializing in commerce solutions for enterprise-size businesses under Magento Alternative. Its headless e-commerce platform eliminates all the complexity of going headless with a complete, ready-to-launch solution under headless e-commerce.

A traditional eCommerce platform’s solid performance is merged with the agility of a headless configuration, resulting in a best-of-both-worlds forum for your store under Magento Alternative.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly measurable, cloud-based SaaS eCommerce solution that gives best-in-class features and functionality for enterprise-level businesses under headless e-commerce.

Intending to erase the complex framework and expensive hosting payment, Salesforce has established a headless approach that lets your customers be the center of your whole business operation under Magento Alternative.

The API-focused approach lets you build excellent fronted experiences while staying adaptable with all the backend functionality generated by Salesforce under headless e-commerce.


SAP’s reputation has been attained through years of providing high-class ERP systems to millions globally.

As a market head in ERP, SAP software assists all business sizes to centralize data management, thus better managing complex business processes across different departments under Magento Alternative.

SAP Commerce is SAP’s absolute headless eCommerce platform that supports innovation and profitable growth. It is a simplified and reinvented commerce solution for growing and large businesses under headless e-commerce.

OroCommerce Enterprise

OroCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform that B2B enterprises mainly utilize. Still, its comprehensive out-of-the-box commerce features can fit any business model, such as B2B2B, B2B & B2C under Magento Alternative.

Suppose your B2B business needs to unify robust commerce backend and third-party fronted software, such as CRM or ERP, under headless e-commerce. In that case, OroCommerce will be the perfect headless eCommerce platform you should consider.

As OroCommerce is built to become the guiding B2B solution, it supports headless and traditional approaches under Magento Alternative.


Spryker is one of the well-known open-source eCommerce platforms aiming to provide high-class commerce mixtures for mid and large enterprises under headless e-commerce.

Knowing that modern commerce demands flexibility and integrations that are explicitly catered to business and customer needs, Spryker has embraced API-first architecture and a headless approach since the beginning under Magento Alternative.


Swell is a growing headless e-commerce platform dedicated to building unique shopping experiences without needing a patchwork of apps under headless e-commerce.

Following the company vision of “Headless e-commerce for everyone,” Swell eliminated all the complexity and tedious tasks of creating a creative and dynamic headless store for agencies and startups under Magento Alternative.

Swell’s API-first approach and headless architecture fuel the powerful commerce performance and generate unlimited design possibilities so that you can build modern online storefronts without having to code from scratch under headless e-commerce.


Another well-known open-source headless eCommerce platform specializing in B2B commerce solutions is SpreeCommerce under headless e-commerce. Its headless approach gives SpreeCommerce the utmost flexibility and customizability, supporting multi-language and multi-currency global brands to build their dynamic storefronts under Magento Alternative.