21st May 2024

Best ways to maintain gold jewellery Online

It may not occur to you, but gold jewellery require a lot of attention and time to be maintained over long periods. The fact that they need attention does not necessarily mean that it would be a time-consuming routine to maintain your gold jewellery pieces. Here are some simple steps by which you can take good care of the gold rings for girls you have at home. Read on!

For everyday use:

If you are someone who uses gold jewellery daily then here are some simple things to keep in mind to keep your gold jewellery be it rings for girls of earrings, in good shape. 

Take a look. 

  1. Gold jewellery no matter how they look like is quite soft. They thus need to be worn and kept with proper care.
  2. Chlorine is not such a good friend of your gold Jewellery. Keep your jewellery out of reach of any place where it may get in contact with chlorine.
  3. While getting ready, be sure to put them on the last. Otherwise, the jewellery might get stains on your make up or get damaged in some other way while you put on your dress. 

Storing your gold jewellery:

Any kind of jewellery should be stored with proper care so that it could last longer. Here are some tips as to how you could store your gold jewellery at home.

  1. Make sure to have a jewellery box for your gold jewellery. In this way, they would be saved in a different storage unit and would not be damaged by any kind of external activity.
  2. You could also make separate compartments in your jewellery box for separate kinds of jewellery. For instance, you could have a different compartment for your earrings and your necklaces and so on.
  3. If making different compartments does not seem like such a great or affordable idea to you, you could also wrap them in a soft cloth. Make sure to wrap them in separate pieces of cloth and that the material is soft enough.

Cleaning your gold jewellery:

Maintaining your gold jewellery consists of you cleaning it as well. Cleaning your gold jewellery from time to time is, in fact, an important part of maintaining it.

  1. Firstly you would need to soak the pieces of jewellery. The usual period is of 3 hours. It is better not to soak it for more than the prescribed period. 
  2. After the said period, take the jewellery out and scrub them with a soft brush very softly. Make sure not to put on too much force. 
  3. Now rinse the piece of jewellery with plain water. You can also use a jewellery polishing cloth for an extra shine. Do not use a towel. 

Maintaining any aesthetic peace off work will always require some amount of your time and attention. However, it does not have to require a lot of your time or a lot of ingredients if you know the right and simple way to do it.