24th April 2024

Why Getting A Suit Stitched Is Always A Better Option?

Now that you have finally decided to get married there will be a lot of things that you must finalize on. From some of the big things like the decor and deciding on a perfect attire to finalizing some smallest of the details that make your wedding unique, you’ll have to give appropriate time to everything.

Deciding on the top groom wear in Mumbai that’ll look good is really important for any groom. And, if you’re going for a western look then sporting a suit is the best option. From single-breasted to double-breasted to the type of lapel, everything will help customize the look and feel of the suit.

What we believe is that, if you’ve decided to wear a suit then you must get it stitched from a tailor instead of buying off the shelf from the market. So, here we have defined some great positives that a perfectly stitched suit brings with it.

Perfect Fit

The most important positive of getting a suit stitched is that you get a perfect looking suit that fits your body. You might get a decent fit in the suits that are purchased from the markets as well but the comfort and beauty of the tailor-stitched one will always be far more superior. Some tips that’ll help you check if the suit is a perfect fit:

  1. After buttoning up the coat there must be just enough space to slide your one hand inside it.
  2. The length of the coat must be such that it covers half of the pants’ side pockets.
  3. The coat’s sleeve must be a bit shorter than the shirt so that the shirt cuffs are visible at the wrists.
  4. The length of the pant must be such that it just rests on the top of the shoe.

Transparent Costing

Tailor-made suits are expensive! But, when getting a suit stitched you’ll have to decide on everything separately, be it the cloth or the style that you want. So in terms of pricing, there will be full transparency and you can be sure that you get what you pay for.

Infinite No. Of Styles And Fabrics To Choose From

Yep, you’ll have a never-ending range of fabrics with some great solid colours that you’ll hardly find in the markets. Not a fan of solids? Don’t you worry, as the fabrics come in various patterns with some great prints as well. This is a common occurring in the markets that you finally select a suit, and it’s not available in your size and this can easily be avoided when getting a tailored suit.

Be Your Own Designer

Want to look great on your wedding and also stand apart from the crowd? Being your own designer is the best way to be unique and wear something that is totally different. Being creative and making your own designs to include in the wedding attire is the perfect way to highlight your personality and customize the dress.


A huge amount of your precious time will be wasted while going through the different shops in the market, looking for a suit that you think will look perfect on you. While getting a tailored suit it is a one-stop-shop. Just decide on one of the best tailors in your area and tell him the specifications you want in your suit. You can get the fabric, finalize the style and get your suit tailored, all at one place.

Customize According To Your Preference

A decision of selecting thegroom wedding attire doesn’t end with just deciding to wear a suit to your wedding. You’ll have to decide on the type of suit like – Tuxedo, Zoot, Mandarin, etc. You also have to decide on the smaller details like the lapel size, the no. of buttons that are used for fastening the coat or goes on the cuffs of the sleeves, the type of pocket, and the most important of all, that it should be single-breasted or double-breasted.

Wearing a suit that fits perfectly to one’s body is every man’s dream. There is a great difference in the suit when you buy it off the shelf from the branded store or if you opt for getting it custom made from a tailor. And we’re quite sure that reading the above points you’ll think of getting a suit stitched for your wedding.