27th May 2024

Why You Should Try to Make a Living in Utah’s Tech Sector

Are you a tech professional looking for great job opportunities and a change of scenery? Or perhaps you’d like to enter the booming tech startup industry but would prefer to get your feet wet in a market with fewer established players. On top of all that, there’s the issue of affordability; many places across the country are seeing housing prices rise and younger generations continuing to live with their parents.

Moving to a new place and succeeding on your own can be a challenge, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. And with your potential to succeed in tech, here some reasons why Utah might be the best place for you:

The booming tech sector

Utah is rapidly emerging as the nation’s next tech hub. As of 2019, there are 95 tech companies in Salt Lake City alone. The metropolis is second only to Silicon Valley for commercial tech leases and has earned itself the nickname Silicon Slopes. If you’re seeking employment, three of the four fastest-growing jobs in the state are in tech; there are great opportunities for web and software developers and operations analysts.

And if you’re looking to start a tech business, Utah ranks second overall in the country in 2019 for business startups due to accessible financing options, transparent rules and regulations, and the growth of numerous small businesses. There’s also a strong education pipeline along with the growing population, providing the talent needed to succeed in tech. And the atmosphere of cooperation among entrepreneurs in the industry will help you ease in smoothly with valuable networking opportunities.

The Cost of living

Despite its growing economy and population, the cost of living in Utah remains close to the national average in 2019. Consider the business and career opportunities that you’ll have in the tech sector. This means you’ll be better positioned than the average American. Local prices haven’t caught up to the residents’ purchasing power, so you get more value for your money across the board.

One key area to look at is housing. Population growth tends to drive up prices of property and rent. Right now, the housing market is significant in Utah, but rental listings reflect rates above the national standards. This might be the best window of opportunity to look for property in Salt Lake City, get a home loan, and purchase while it’s still affordable.

Lifestyle perks

Of course, moving to a new city to start a business or seek employment isn’t all about calculating your earnings versus affordability. New networks and connections matter, as do lifestyle activities and local attractions. The quality of your leisure time can be one of those intangibles that make living in a place worthwhile.

Communities in Utah range from laid back, family-friendly, and rural to the more bustling and diverse urban centers. Many cities are still in development, so you can expect the scenery to change further down the line. But wherever you live in the state, you’ll enjoy access to natural wonders. Many lakes, forests, and mountain ranges are a short drive away no matter where you’re at, and there’s a host of outdoor activities and winter sports to enjoy.

Give yourself a shot at making it in Utah, and the state might very well prove to be your long-term choice for living and working.