24th April 2024

Everything You Should Know About Sensory Toys and Their Activities 

These are toys that ensure children who have autism have specific sensory input. These toys fully grab our kid’s attention, whether they are visual or not. This feature makes them a powerful enforcer in programs that require behavioral analysis. Some toys are good fidget toys, and they significantly enhance keenness and focus on children and other people who must have something moving to concentrate fully. Such toys contribute hugely in these kids developing. 

Playing every day is enough for the kids to achieve adequate sensory, but you should ensure your children have enough access to it. Parents who have children with sensory difficulties are advised to give them a range of sensory opportunities. This is not a difficult task, but it is a task you should consider. Below we look at sensory toys and activities that will bring more sensory to the children. 

Sensory activities

  • Rice and Ice task

This task requires rice, food colors, and a dust basin. The food color is added to the ice trays, and then the water is frozen. These cubes are then put in a bowl, and you wait till the color of the rice changes when melting takes place. Children are allowed to touch it and experience its various textures. 

  • Rainbow activity

This is another easy task that requires a basin, cooking fat, spaghetti, and food preservatives. You are required to ensure the spaghetti is boiled and separated in different portions depending on the quantity of the food color. Mix the fat and food coloring and ensure the spaghetti gets the dye evenly. You can let your child play with the colored spaghetti. It would be best if you gave him a fork or another cutlery object to maximize this sensory task. 

Sensory toys

  • Fwidget toys

This is the most effective toy for children who have fidgeting issues. It gives them a sensory activity with numerous surfaces and other 15 different uses. They are erected with wheels on either side to enable you to rotate it properly, and it is equipped with a ball. It is also equipped with other components that provide the children with various choices to ensure they are always busy 

  • Sensory boards

They are available in various designs and sizes, and they have a huge impact when used correctly. Sensory boards have knobs and keys. Some have various fabrics that will give you different textures. Almost everything is available on a sensory board, and it would be a massive idea to come up with one of your own.  

  • Water wigglies 

They are relatively low priced, and they provide you with significant fun. You can find them in different colors, and they are designed with different beads to ensure maximum effect. 


Many other tasks can add more sensory to your child. Kids have always loved toys with various textures, so it would be vital to study them before deciding the type of toy to use.