13th June 2024

Going Green: What You Need to Know About Green Burials

Preparing for your own funeral may seem morbid. Who wants to prepare for their own death when you think you have so much time to live and enjoy? It may seem inappropriate to do so at such an early time, but it can be a good idea to plan ahead. After all, life is unpredictable, and we won’t know when our time is up.

Having said that, it can be a good idea to plan for funeral arrangements in Clearfield or elsewhere near you. For one, it will help lessen your family’s burden in case something does happen to you. That is why pre-planning for your funeral has become an acceptable thing and should actually be considered while you are still able and alive.

Going for a green funeral

We all know the usual funeral arrangements — cremation and traditional casket burials. On the other hand, green funerals are slowly paving its way to people’s awareness. It may not be as popular as the traditional funerals mentioned above. However, it can be a great funeral option, especially if you are an environmental advocate.

On the contrary, traditional burial options are not usually eco-friendly. For one, traditional burials mean more demand in burial space. To keep up with that demand, the land has to be usually cleared of any trees and plants to accommodate more burial spaces.

Having said that, it can be a good option to go green even on your death. It is simple, sustainable, and environment-friendly. It does not use embalming fluids that can end up in our water sources. It also does not need cutting up trees to make a burial vessel that would only take up additional land space and then rendered useless after many years.

Benefits of choosing a green burial

While the concept of a green burial is not new anymore, it is not really as popular as traditional burial options. In fact, green burials were already used in some cultures as early as the mid-19th century. However, it is slowly resurging as an eco-friendly burial alternative. Here are reasons you should consider a green burial.

Simple and minimal

This burial option is suitable for those who prefer their burial to be as simple and natural as possible. There is no need to use elaborate caskets or coffins — your body will simply be wrapped in cloth and placed in a plain coffin.


Green burials do not involve the process of embalming and using fancy caskets, which are usually expensive. On the other hand, a green burial is a low-cost burial option that everyone should consider.


Choosing a green burial over the traditional means there is no need to clear forests and other thriving lands just to accommodate more burial spaces. Fewer trees will be cut and made into coffins. Water contamination due to the embalming process will be avoided as well. Meanwhile, green cemeteries do not use pesticides and other chemicals to maintain the area.

Considering a green burial is a great choice. For one, it can lessen your family’s burden in terms of making decisions while in the process of mourning. At the same time, you can even help with the preservation of the environment.