21st July 2024

The dos and don’ts of storage

A storage unit may seem like an extra garage or room off your house, and by standard it kind of is. However, there is a right and wrong way to be successful with your unit.

The dos of being a storage unit owner

  1. Choose a storage unit that’s not too large or too small.
    It’s important you choose a unit that isn’t overly large because you may end up buying things just to fill the unit.

Another issue with having a large unit is the price you pay. The larger the unit, the more you pay. No one wants to pay more than they need too.

  1. Pack your unit intentionally. While it may seem like you should put items in boxes and fill your unit without intent, that’s far from the truth.

Instead, place larger items on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Put all your items around the outside of your unit and leave a gap in the middle so you can access things in the back.

Also, put items you’ll come get more often on the top or to the front of the unit for ease of access.

The don’ts of being a storage unit owner

  1. Don’t rent a unit only to not use it. It’s important you spend your money on things you’ll use. If you need a storage unit, rent one.
  2. Don’t forget to clean your unit. It’s true. Storage unit cleaning is overlooked by a lot of tenants. Instead, keep your items clean if debris, pollutants, and rodents by keeping your unit clean.
  3. Don’t rent a unit that’s too far for you to access. If your items are in a storage unit that’s 45 minutes or farther away from you, it’s likely you’ll forget about them. Instead, rent a unit in proximity to your home.