1st October 2020

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5 Tips to Get More Value Out of Your Term Insurance 

If you are worried about the financial security of your family after your absence, then investing in a life insurance plan should be your priority.  Out of the different life insurance plans, it is advisable to consider investing in a term insurance plan. If you are curious to know what is term insurance plan, we are […]

What Are the Benefits of Udhyog Aadhar Online?

The micro, small, medium enterprises or MSMEs are a significant contributor to our country’s economy. Therefore, to promote and facilitate the efforts of the MSME businesses, the Indian Government had introduced the Udyog Aadhar, now known as Udyam Registration. If you own a small, medium, or micro business enterprise, apply for Udyam Registration or Udhyog Aadhar […]

4 Requirements You Need for Starting a Restaurant

With over 58% of Americans eating out every week, the food industry continues to develop. Although the food industry guarantees a bright future to many people, starting a new restaurant may not be easy, especially if you know nothing about it. From choosing a good location to finding customers, you will go through various challenges. […]

Coronavirus Specific Health Insurance Plans: Should You opt for It If You Already Have A Medical Policy?

With the rising number of COVID cases and expenses met for treating this deadly disease, people are confused about whether to buy a corona specific health insurance if they already have a medical policy. In case you already have a health insurance plan, it is not necessary to opt for a coronavirus specific health insurance […]

Here’s what every business must know about malware attacks

Malware attacks have caused massive damage to businesses worldwide. Hackers are relying on different types of malware, with varied intentions. From stealing & editing data, to encrypting files for a ransom and spying on user activities, the purpose could vary. Malware attacks are typically launched through phishing scams, and it is important for companies to […]

Fantasy Kabbadi –an online skill based game

Kabbadi is a popular sport in India and is a skill based game liked by sports lovers. Fantasy Kabbadi is a virtual game that game lovers love to play online. It provides a platform where you can create Fantasy Kabbadi team or squad that involves players. The team can be created according to your choice […]

What is the difference between WOSB and WBE?

As a female, ambitious and hardworking business woman, you sometimes need to come across some obstacles in order to achieve all of your goals. Unfortunately misogynism and discrimmination still exists and the image of a woman working doesn’t please everyone. However, we have come a long way and there has been drastic changes with the […]

Property management.

Property management typically involves overseeing of property owned by another party.These properties may include residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.One of the significant importance of a property manager is to acts on behalf of the property owner to preserve the value of the property while generating income. The role of listing, renting, and collecting rents […]

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

In recent years, the scope of dermatology has been revolutionized with the introduction of laser technology to the medical aesthetics industry. Many men and women are seeking solutions for unwanted body hair, acne, and age-related imperfections. It is now commonplace to find search tags on the Internet like ‘laser hair removal manhattan‘ or ‘laser skin […]

4 Ways Restaurants Use Technology to Improve Their Supply Chain

Successful restaurants have efficient supply chain operations. Such efficacy is achieved through technology that is capable of solving growth and operational challenges for restaurants. After significant advancements in the supply chain technology in recent years, most vendors and suppliers are yet to connect with a streamlined way of demand and supply. When supply and demand […]