25th January 2020

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Is an Endowment Policy Better or a ULIP Policy?

While traditional plans like endowment policies have been popular for a long time, many people now prefer purchasing unit-linked plans. If you are confused between the two, this post will help you understand the differences and pick the best as per your requirementsuiThe dual benefits of life cover and savings have made endowment plans a […]

How to Develop a Cyber Resilience Strategy?

Cybercrime is increasing day by day. Protecting the infrastructure should be the first and foremost priority of any business. Quickly bouncing back after a cyber-breach is called a cyber resilience strategy. Here, in this article, we will look at important tips to form a robust cyber resilience strategy in your business. What is the difference […]

Visiting Italy: Who needs an Italian visa, how to obtain one

Any person who plans to visit Italy must check if nationals from his country need a visa. Italy, the former headquarters of the Roman Empire and the root of the Renaissance, has a lot of ancient arts and architecture to offer visitors. Tourists flock to Italy to visit the Colosseum, Venice canals, Pompeii, the leaning […]

In what circumstances should you hire a defense criminal lawyer?

There are many scopes in the judicial system. It isn’t a very simple aspect as it sounds to be. Containing an in-depth knowledge about the law is not the tea of every cup. The specialized personnel who know everything about the law and can defend you from proving guilty are called lawyers. There are many […]

Why is physical activity so crucial for fitness? Can fitness center help?

Your health is a plus and you would not want to lose it right?  You must know that regular exercise does a lot more than keep you fit.  The great news is that to achieve the physical fitness does not demand long, rigorous workouts. Even a house a day is more than enough for you. […]

6 Best Instagram-Worthy Flowery Destinations in the UK That Are Anything But Divine

  You have given in months of constant effort and time in making your Instagram profile engaging and riveting. So much, those followers now look up to your feed and regular posts for their everyday inspiration and good vibes.  However, all of this comes to a halt and gives you a night of sleeplessness when […]

Trekking in Bangalore

There are different kinds of places to visit around Bangalore varying from serene beaches to magnificent hill stations. For all those adventure junkies, there is an array of trekking trails that pass via some outstanding scenic offerings of nature including mystic hills, lush green forested areas, sparkling waterfalls, etc. Kumara Parvatha Trek – Kumara Parvatha […]

Three Effective Ways to Convince People to Be More Eco-Friendly

  It’s more important than ever that we try to reverse the effects of pollution on our environment if we want to leave future generations a planet that’s still capable of sustaining life. However, despite the efforts of climate activists to inform the public about climate change, there are still so many people who don’t […]

Why wardrobes cannot be ditched while designing a room

Wardrobes top the list of essential things in a room. The room is built using four walls and a ceiling. It is almost formless. The wardrobes add a personality to the room. These make the room suitably convenient and serve the exact purpose, i.e. shelter and comfort. The comfort is provided to the inhabitants that […]

New Technology in Ford Cars

The engineers that are part of the Ford Motor Company realize that change is inevitable and innovation is important. That is why the company keeps looking for new and exciting ways to lure consumers with new technology. Ford Navigation There is a lot of buzz about New Ford navigation technology that has a removable SD […]