21st May 2024

Does my home need a ridge vent

If your home is one that has a pointed roof, you may be a homeowner of a roof with a ridge vent. There are two types of ridge vents: shingle-over-vents and aluminum-vents.

Shingle-over vent: A shingle over ridge vent is one that is created at the top peak of the roof. The opening allows air to escape without being noticeable.

Aluminum vent: An aluminum ridge is mushroom shaped with a wide flange on both sides. An aluminum vent often shows on the exterior of the home.

What is a ridge vent for?

A ridge vent is part of the roofing system and is installed at the peak of the roof. Its main purpose is to let warm air escape, so moisture does not accumulate in a home’s attic.

Can I have a ridge vent with a metal roof?

Having a ridge vent on your roof can save you from having moisture accumulate in your attic. Moisture accumulation can cause an array of problems from mold growth to termites and deteriorated wood. All of these items cost you, as the homeowner more money.

If you’re worried about moisture and you have a metal roof, there are special ridge vents made for metal roof homes. Plyco is a large distributor of metal roof ridge vents.

Do you need a ridge vent installed? Contact your local roofing company to get a quote and while you’re speaking with them, ask them about the cost for a new metal roof or shingle job.