21st May 2024

New Year 2020 and Horoscope Predictions for Leo sign

As the countdown for New Year 2020 begins, it is interesting to know what this period will hold for Leo’s future. What does it say for your future? Well, like every native, Leo too is curious to know if the upcoming year will bring forth new hopes and plans or will there be relief from unwanted stalemate in your career, or will the following year help them achieve annual goals in the field of education, career, business or others. While the advent of New Year 2020 understandably brings along with it high level of excitement, various issues which have been clouding your mind for many months in the past will have their hopeful solutions in the coming year, according to your 2020 Leo Horoscope Predictions. There will be success in relationship, answer for questions of your future plans, and status of your health and career etc. It is also indicated that your incomplete work will be fulfilled and fragile relationships are set to become long-lasting. Positive growth on the front of career and financial wellbeing is also in sight, according to 2020 Leo astrology predictions.

Leo Zodiac Sign and Importance of Horoscope Predictions

Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac with Fire element and is ruled by the Sun. It is of Fixed zodiac quality and spans on celestial longitude of 120th to 150th degree. The 2020 Leo horoscope readings reveal that the upcoming year is all set to expose you to prestige, respect, and commanding authority status due to the fact that your sign is ruled by the Sun and it is in the fifth house of your natal chart in the year 2020. Because of the position of the sun, the following year is going to be very auspicious for you. Moreover, the placement of the Moon in the seventh house of your birth chart suggests that you will get friend’s supports. The likelihood of getting hitched near time soon is also higher for those who are still unmarried. The good news is that the next year is going to be the reason for your personal advancement and you will be able to fulfill your chosen goals.

Leo Zodiac Sign Overview

Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac which is ruled by planet Sun. People born under this sign have the personality quality of being confident, outgoing, and eloquent in wining friends and partners in their sphere. They possess social ability regarding communication and conduct which accentuates their likeability factor a lot. These people have penchant for driving attention to them. Though they are found of being independent on their own but somewhere deep down their heart, they crave for attention and so want an audience to listen to their eloquence. Leo people have great feelings for their loved ones and can be very generous for them.  They can put you at ease with using their humor.

Leo people love to be in charge of recreational activities or anything that can give their mind a kick. This is the reason that these people are found of celebrating a party and being in center of attraction. Their dress sense is very good and can easily impress others. These people possess vibrant personality which is a factor that enables them mingle with others easily. Often, Leos are found of being in the company of rich, elegant and affluent people.  They don’t like indolent people. Living a laid-back life is quite an anathema to Leos. They are also very argumentative and can end up hurting others with their causative remarks.

Leo and 2020 Horoscope Predictions

2020 horoscope predictions for Leo personality state that the upcoming year will bring forth for the Leo growth opportunity in their chosen endeavor; be it career, business or others. Unmarried Leos will witness a chance for getting married next year as well. Consult an erudite astrologer for more insights about horoscope predictions for the year 2020.


Leo is the fifth astrological sign. It is ruled by the planet Sun. Leos are characteristically confident, outgoing and argumentative. You will find them hanging around with rich and elegant people. New Year 2020 is predicted to be auspicious period for Leo people.