24th April 2024

A Formal Introduction to Automotive Paint Protection Film

A Formal Introduction to Automotive Paint Protection Film

This article post will cover what paint protection film is, how it works, why you should use it, and some helpful tips for installation.

What Is Automotive Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or PPF for short, is a thin clear vinyl sheet that goes on your car to protect it from scratches and rock chips. The film can be applied by an automotive detailer in the time it takes to wax your vehicle but has many more benefits than just looking good. Paint protection film offers scratch resistance up to 3 times stronger than traditional paint finishes and lasts 5 years (or longer) with proper care.

How Does Automotive Paint Protection Film Work?

The principle is simple when stone chips hit the plastic film instead of hitting your paintwork; they are caught by the film, which is flexible enough to absorb the impact. The force of the stone chip being stopped will be dispersed throughout all layers of the film so that no damage occurs on the surface below.


The Benefits of Automotive Paint Protection Film

The main benefit of using a film is to protect the paint underneath from stone chips and other elements. This type of plastic material will protect your vehicle from debris such as bugs, road tar, rocks, and gravel which can all cause significant damage to your paintwork when they collide with it at high speeds. It also provides UV protection by acting as a barrier against the sun’s harmful rays, which will help to keep your paintwork from fading when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

Why You Should Use Automotive Paint Protection Film

Just a few stone chips in your car’s paint job can permanently scar it and spoil its appearance. As well as this, if not protected properly, the vehicle will rust and corrode much faster, which places the integrity of its structural components in jeopardy. Paint Protection Film is quite subtle when applied properly, and it will not detract from your vehicle’s appearance if done well.

How do professionals install PPF?

Typically, the professionals use a wet install method to apply Paint Protection Films. This involves spraying a soapy water mixture on the surface that will have the film applied to it. Once the film is in place, squeegees are used to remove excess water from underneath and around the edges of the film. The film is then heated with a heat gun and allowed to cool before the squeegees are used again to remove wrinkles. Finally, pressure is applied to the edges of the film with a rolling tool which allows them to have firmly adhered to the surface.

Why should you get PPF professionally?

The reason that professionals are used to installing the film is that it requires an extensive amount of experience to do a perfect job. You have to consider that there are many pre-cut pieces of film for a particular vehicle, and these must adhere perfectly to each other so as not to create any gaps in coverage. Also, if you apply the material yourself, there is a risk that you may not apply it evenly or that you will leave air bubbles that are difficult to remove. Additionally, when done properly, the film is practically invisible when applied, so the vehicle looks entirely stock when this work has finished.

If you want to protect your car from damage and scratches, we recommend investing in a paint protection film. Contact your nearby professional for PPF in Atlanta.