13th June 2024

The Role of Video marketing in Digital Marketing  

Search engine optimization can bring the organic traffic on the site like never before. We have learnt about it numerous times. With this marketing technique, it is possible to get the clients from various parts of the globe, which may not be possible otherwise. The major search engines like Google keep changing their algorithms as to filter the spam links. This practice has led the webmasters and SEO specialists to discover the new strategy and avoid the penalty of the search engines. Video marketing is one of these discoveries. It is important to know what role it plays in search engine optimization in 2019.

Customer engagement

It has been observed that people spend most of their times on watching videos more than anything else watches. Short videos and visuals ads seem more attractive than reading the content such as articles and blogs. Some people are not good at reading those long paragraphs. For them, watching videos online is the best way to stay updated. In this case, video marketing can be the best bet. The stats show that businesses that run video marketing are able to generate more results than the ones, which rely more on articles and blogs. Especially, people who are engaged in eCommerce business and products can gain better results now. Videos have more impact on customers because visuals have better effects on human’s brain. People can familiar with the features and functionalities in a better manner.

The popularity of Video sharing platforms

The video sharing platforms such as YouTube has become one of the most visited platforms in the web world. Millions of users from different parts of the globe come and view the videos of their preferences. If you create a video and share on this platform, your brand awareness will be increased more than ever before. Video marketing has increased because people love to watch videos in their free time. Moreover, sharing your videos on platforms like YouTube can give you exposure like never before..

Stay ahead of your competitors

It is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors. They may promote their products using other marketing tool whereas video marketing is one of the strongest tools.  By using this tool, you can ensure better results on major search engines. It is suggested to optimize the videos based on the keywords so that the search engines can value the videos. The platforms like Facebook also promote the products using videos, which can be viewed by millions of people all over the world. These videos can be shared amongst others in a few seconds only. That’s why, promotion using these videos can be done in a better manner. The quality links can also be generated, which contribute a lot in improving the ranks on search engine and bring quality traffic.

Understanding of the products

One of the reasons why video marketing has gained popularity is because it is easier to educate, engage, entertain and convert viewers into clients. Every person is able to register the visuals in a better manner rather than long articles and blogs. If you have a business in which you want the users to know how to use the products, all you have to do is to get a video shot and promote on major marketing channels.  Since, the videos are shared easily; many people will understand the process in a better way. Video marketing can educate the users in no time, which may not be possible with other marketing methods.

Video marketing plays a vital role in search engine optimization and is expected to stay as a powerful marketing tool for many years to come.