21st May 2024

Which Espresso Machine is the Best? Capsule, Pod or Fresh Coffee Powder? 

To make the experience of enjoying a great cup of coffee easier, and saving you lots of time – a good working espresso machine is the best option to go ahead with. The espresso machines have an advanced brewing process and handy accessories. They save you the trouble of scooping coffee powder from a tin and putting it into your espresso coffee maker.

At Gimoka Coffee, the prepackaged, pre-portioned pods and capsules available are compatible with all the coffee machines that use the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) standards.


Coffee pods are serving of roasted and ground coffee powder placed in between two circular pieces of filter paper. Most espresso machines accept these pods. You no more have to scoop powder into the filter basket. Instead, you have to place the coffee pod in a smaller filter sieve. 


Coffee capsules are small containers made up of aluminum or plastic and contain a single serving of coffee powder. To preserve the freshness, they are nitrogen flushed. Special capsule espresso machines are required to use such type of capsules. They are both convenient and consistent to use. 

At Gimoka Coffee, the lavazza blue capsules are compatible with all Lavazza Blue®* coffee makers. Each capsule contains 9gr of coffee roasted by Gimoka coffee artisans according to the best Italian tradition. The capsule is nitrogen flushed and fully self protected to preserve the aroma and freshness in every cup.

We follow the three F rules diligently – Freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed

The coffee experience is the same as that of fresh powder.

Above all, the best coffee experience is still attributed to freshly roasted and ground coffee beans.


  1. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

This type of espresso machine is designed for extreme coffee makers and baristas who really need a machine. This type of machine requires lots of hands-on activities, including grinding your coffee beans. If you’re not experienced, then there’s definitely a learning curve when using this machine. You’ll work harder, but ultimately you will be rewarded with an authentic tasting coffee. This machine will require some cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Automatic Espresso Machine

This machine will help coffee lovers dodge the learning curve that they face with a semi-automatic espresso machine. This machine does most of the work, but you still have to prep your beans. This machine provides a consistent tasting espresso every time you use it. This machine will also need to be cleaned.

  1. Stevetop Espresso Makers

A budgeted espresso machines both for home as well as business needs. You’ll use it on the stove or you can purchase the electric model. This machine is easy to use every time you need it, and it can also make several cups of espresso at a time. Be careful with purchasing the aluminum Moka pot, because these types tend to give you a metallic taste. Aim for stailess steel instead.

  1. Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

This type of machine does even more work for you. In the last, the end result is a consistent tasting espresso. Once the machine is set up, all you have to do is turn it on, press a couple of buttons and wait. This type of machine is a little more expensive, but it is fast and convenient.

  1. Nespresso Machine

This type of espresso machine is compact, but it is cost-effective and the easiest hands-free machine on the market. All you have to do is insert one of the Lavazza blue capsules of pre-ground coffee and you are all set. Once the coffee or espresso is ready, it will also pour right into your cup. If you want to save time, money, and energy, then purchase one of the Lavazza Blue Capsules espresso machines. These machines let you quickly dispose of your capsule, adjust your cup size, store capsules, and even has a water reservoir.

At Gimmoka Coffee, we follow passion and tradition for Authentic Italian Coffee. The above mentioned information can help you decide which espresso machine will be best suitable based on your needs and requirements. At the same time, it is you who will finally decide what you wish to use – beans, powder, lavazza blue capsules or pods.