24th April 2024

Tips on How to Frame a Mirror

Framing a mirror can be an inexpensive way to dress up a wall. There are a few different ways to learn how to frame a mirror. You can frame mirrors with a picture frame with molding for a more unique frame.


When framing a mirror with molding, you first select the mirror. The mirror can be any size since you can cut the molding to fit the mirror. The mirror will need to have straight edges and be a square or rectangle shape. Next, choose the style of molding. There are unfinished and more traditional styles you can choose for the right look. Then measure the width and length of the mirror and cut the molding two inches more. Check the lengths to make sure they are equal. Then put together the frame on a flat surface. You can paint the corners with wood glue or adhesive and then use painters tape to hold pieces together temporarily. After adhesive dries, fill in any gaps. Once dry, paint the frame if you want. Then center the mirror on the backboard. This can be a piece of plywood two inches wider and longer than the mirror. If your mirror is already on the wall, you can skip this step. Glue lattice pieces around the mirror but you can also skip this if the mirror is already on the wall. If you are going to frame a mirror that is already on the wall, then apply the adhesive to the back of the molding and press the frame against the mirror.

Picture Frame

When using a picture frame to frame a mirror, you will need to find a frame and mirror that match. The frame needs to be ¼-inch wider and longer than the mirror. The mirror also needs to be thin enough for the frame to hold it. Remove the frame glass and then secure the mirror into the frame backing. Then test the weight before you hang it. Mirrors can be heavier than a picture, so be sure to choose a hanging mechanism that can support the weight.

Unconventional Ways

There are a number of different ways you can use ribbon, a platter, a stenciled overlay frame, or create a frame out of stones or shells. Each one is going to be slightly different depending on the method you are using. If you are going to use ribbon, you will also need a frame that will fit around the mirror and ribbon that is a bit larger than the frame. For stenciled overlay, you can stencil patterns right on the mirror using an adhesive shelf liner. To create a frame out of anything, follow the picture frame instructions.