13th June 2024

Why should you go for a PG and not Hostel?

Many people are there who are always confused about whether to choose a hostel or a pg when they are shifting in a new city. You know what if you are in a university and they are providing you the space then you must go for a hostel provided by them. But otherwise if you are looking for outside hostels then PG might be a better choice. 

There are many things that have a role in such a decision. You have to be sure about what you want and why you want it. You also have to figure out whether you would be more comfortable with a pg or a hostel. You can easily get pgs in areas of your choice like pg in kharadi or any other area of any other city too.

Hostel life is the best: Is it?

People say hostel life is the best time of life. However, it is highly arguable. Many a times the ugly head of this very time surfaces, leaving the boarders absolutely disturbed.  You know what not every hostel is a good place to be in. you has no idea which type of people you would be living with and sharing your bathrooms with. come on, there are good ones too but these days hostels are not really a safer place to be in. if you already feel that you might not be able to take u p too much of pressure or unnecessary chit-chat then you should not go for a hostel.  Remember that not every hostel is apt for living. Under such circumstances life sometimes turns out to be a challenge rather than the alleged ‘best phase.’

Dictate your living 

You know what on the other side if you go for a good pg; your living of standard is going to be much higher. Yes, you would be the boss of your own room or at least bed. Certainly whether you have a shared room or a solo on, that is as per your needs. But one thing is for sure a pg would give you a much more home like feeling than that of those hostels. 

Moreover, whether you want to cook yourself, you want the food from the pg owners or you are okay with having food outside; the decision again rests with you. You have to be thoughtful about what you decide and why. Once you dictate your living, you lead a better life in that so called new city too. Moreover, there are great pgs out there with great facilities. You name the needs and they would be offered by the pg owners. Whether you want a solo room, a specific bathroom attached AC or anything else; you can find it all in PGs these days. Of course, the rate would go higher as per your choice of the pg but that is okay!


Thus, having all these aspects in mind go for the PGs over hostels.   You can easily get pg in kharadi, pune, your office area or near your university in any city or area.