13th June 2024

Why Should You Opt For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

Carpets are one of the most visible parts of your home, contributing on a large scale to the overall design of the room they are rolled out in, but also one of the most exposed since they are literally stepped on every single day. Furthermore, because of the material they are made out of, they are subject to dust, dirt, and fluid and crumbs retention. Such a degree of dirtiness usually can’t be handled with normal cleaning products, found in regular stores, but rather with professional substances. This is where a professional company that offers carpet cleaning services comes in handy.

Below, we will see what are the advantages of hiring a company that offers carpet cleaning services instead of trying to do the job yourself. First of all, since carpets can be quite large and difficult to handle, you will win a lot of free time, that you can use to spend with your family, during the weekends or at the end of tiring working days. Secondly, by hiring a team of highly-trained professionals, you will actually save money since you will not spend anything on blech, balm, and detergents, as they will bring all the necessary products with them. Here are the other benefits:

  1. Professional carpet cleaning services use hot water extraction. 

The hot water extraction is the most efficient carpet cleaning technique, also referred to as steam cleaning. Deep cleaning experts have a saying: the hot water extraction is gentle on the carpet, but tough on the dirt. Its advantages are unmatched: fast drying times, complete stain removal, and pet odor removal;

  1. A perfect balance offered by the equipment. 

The professional team that offers carpet cleaning services uses equipment that combines high-pH alkaline chemicals with hot water, soft pressure, and effective extraction. First of all, the deep cleaning experts remove the dry soil, using an upright vacuum, with brush agitation, and highly-effective HEPA filters. This removes up to 99% of the particles, the more so as the carpets’ edges are vacuumed with the crevice tool;

carpet cleaning services
  1. Using the CHAT method. 

The professionals of carpet cleaning services are familiar with the CHAT acronym. It has nothing to do with communication, but rather it comes from the initials of the words “chemicals”, “heat”, “agitation”, and “time”. Therefore, the secret of perfect carpet cleaning is as follows: applying preconditioning chemicals; using heat or high temperatures in order to speed up the chemical reactions; agitation for proper chemical penetration and even distribution, and dwell time, so that the chemical reaction is finished before soil extraction is tried out.

If all those steps are followed, you can be sure that your carpets will look better, smell better, and feel better. And there is no other way of achieving these kind of results than hiring a professional company. Compared to your own abilities, a team of deep cleaning experts will provide top-notch results, that will pass the test of time.