24th April 2024

What Is EPF Calculator

What is PF gross or basic? This is the amount on which the PF reduction or contribution is computed. Normally, in 95% of the companies, this is Standard + Basic Financial Obligations + DA + DA Arrears. However, there are constantly exemptions, as well as some companies desire it to be a little different. In that situation, we can change the PF Standard formula to accommodate the client’s demands.

EPF Interest Computation

Under the Employee’s Provident Fund plan, the employee contributes 12% of his/her Basic income, as well as Dearness Allocation every month. The company adds 8.33% towards EPS, as well as 3.67 in the direction of EPF in the worker’s account. The worker is allowed to take out after retired life or likewise throughout work for certain objectives. The rate of interest on EPF calculator relies on a month-to-month basis; however, deposited in the account of the client at the end of the fiscal year. The rates of interest currently provided on EPF is 8.65%. In February, EPFO, which is the government’s main retirement fund manager under the Union Ministry of Work, had elevated the EPF price by ten basis points to 8.65 for FY 2018-19. For FY 2017-18, the EPF rate of interest was 8.55%.

One basis factor equals to one-hundredth of a portion factor. There are around six crores EPFO customers in the nation.

EPF Interest rate computation

The following EPF interest rate calculation will aid you to recognize even better:

Imagine your Basic + DA is Rs.20,000, and also, the rate of interest = 8.65%. The regular monthly applicable interest here will be 8.65/12 = 0.721%.

Employee payment to EPF will amount to 12% of Rs.20,000 = Rs.2400.

Employer payment = 3.67% from Rs 20,000 = Rs.734.

For this reason, the total regular monthly payment in your Employee Provident Fund account will become Rs.2400+ Rs.734 = Rs.3134.

If you joined your task on April 1, 2019, your PF contribution for FY 2019-2020 would begin with this month itself. Here’s exactly how interest on your FY 2019-20 will look like:

  • April

PF down payment in April = Rs.3134. The rate of interest made will be nil, no interest in the very first month.

PF Equilibrium at the end of April = Rs.3134.

  • May

PF down payment in May = Complete deposit of April + May = Rs.3134 + Rs.3134 = Rs.6268.

Interest gained in May = 0.721% of Rs 6268 = Rs.45.1.

  • June

PF down payment in June = Equilibrium from previous month + payment of June = Rs.6268 + Rs.45.1+ Rs.3134 = Rs.9447.1.

Interest made in June = 0.721% of Rs.9447.1 = Rs.68.11.

Complete balance at the end of June = Rs.68.11 + Rs.9447.1 = Rs.9515.2.

For the remainder of the months of the fiscal year, the interest will be computed similarly. Nevertheless, it will be transferred to your account at the end of the fiscal year in March 2020.

If you want to know how to calculate the PF amount for you, please visit the link.