21st May 2024

Got ITIL V4 Certified; What Is Next

Every individual is trying to find any certification that is in technology to boost their career. Professional cert means that certification in which an individual is enough capable to do with their assigned tasks or a job, generally to clear the exam or complete their course work. On the other side, there is an increase in the demand of training programs and certifications or other ones of ITIL certifications as these are ones which should be added in resume.

ITIL-Certified Professionals Still Require Experience

The one who is IT experienced professional without any know-how of ITIL may have more value as compared to those who have ITIL certification, and they would be employed with less experience in the organization. In due course, there is more value of both of the things theoretical knowledge and actual-world experience; this is the thing which gives ITIL-certified experts a plus point in their job field. The professionals of IT who get the essential hands-on skills along with experience when they prepare for ITIL certs especially ITIL Foundation certification is getting more benefit to upgrade their career paths with the ITIL cert. 

The site of AXELOS is recommending the best courses of ITIL cert, which can be opted by an individual can be taken on the required career pathway within the IT.From February 2019, numerous modules of certification for the most recent version of ITIL context, I-T-I-L v4, was launched by the AXELOS, and there is something more coming in 2020. Some of the tiers consist of:

  • Master
  • ITIL 4 Strategic-Leader
  • ITIL 4 Managing-Professional
  • Foundation

The evolution from ITIL v3 to ITIL v4 also offers continuous certifications of ITIL candidates along with numerous choices to supplement their basics of knowledge. A-X-E-L-O-S suggests taking a start with ITIL v-4 Foundation-level in case an individual is not that much familiar with the framework? On the other side, if a person is previously done with a single ITIL-v3 or more than one, then it is to be said that done with such modules as soon as you are moving towards ITIL-v4 would enhance your knowledge.

How Does ITIL Certification Work?

Before going to taking a quick look at the ITIL cert training programs which are accessible, we come up with three main factors which should be noted regarding the I-T-I-L personnel cert training course:

ITIL certification is for individuals

AXELOS along with their associates are offering ITIL certs through the sessions of training for the IT experts. Right now there is not any authorized ITIL cert for the businesses and organizations. ITIL isn’t the one that is for the inflexible framework, this is a guideline for the arranging of IT operations in such a manner which give benefits to the organization.

ITIL exams are given by accredited training organizations (ATOs)

The framework of I-T-I-L is the universal framework along with numerous IT experts throughout the globe. A-X-E-L-O-S is maintaining a 3 tier framework to makes sure the rationality and reliability of the ITIL exams across the globe:

  • Axelos: It encompasses the I-T-I-L cert training course. Axelos offers authorization to Examination Institutes i.e. EIs across the globe and allowing them to give the ITIL certs.
  • Examination institutes: They are acting out like mediators among the AXELOS and ATOs. EIs offer authorization for training institutes which desire to issue ITIL certs.
  • Accredited-Training-Organizations: They manage ITIL exams to the individual   I-T-I-L experts. The ones who accomplished would be then suggested to get ITIL certs via the recognizing examination.

What Are the Benefits of ITIL Certification? 

From the beginning, it has been extensively accepted as the most important framework for the I-T-S-M. Consequently, a great number of IT experts have consumed their both money and time in the programs of ITIL cert, aiming to improve their career visions by accepting more and more regarding the ways to run value of the business with the help of great practices in the field of IT. Following are the main advantages that are linked with the ITIL cert.

1. Understanding ITIL Framework and Processes

The processes and framework of ITIL were structured like a bunch of great practices for Information Technology service management. I-T-I-L 4 is transferring the emphasis of I-T-I-L moving away from the service management like an end in and of the aforementioned and on the way to the thought of worth co-creation as well as the revolution of request into the value via operative practices of ITSM.

2. Alignment with Global ITSM Standards

The framework of ITIL is associated with a variety of universally qualified standards, which includes ISO/IEC 20000 universal standard for the system of Information Technology service management. The worldwide reachability of ITIL alignment and its structure along with other most important standards referring to the fact that qualified ITIL experts have an access toput on their abilities to a flexible array of organizations and businesses, and in those too which are existing in overseas.

3. Certified Professionals Are Desirable Employees 

In the study that was conducted in 2015, 92% of companies reported that it was quite hard to keep searching for the skilled IT expert which they can hire. Moreover, a similar study evaluated the significance of IT certs in the employing procedure for the IT experts and set up that:

  • 73% of companies are demanding  the certificates of IT for some precise job positions
  • 68% of companies assumed that applicants who own IT certs are the ones who are preferring to work harder on account to accomplish their tasks
  • 61% of companies are utilizing the certs as proof of the candidate’s expertise.

Earning ITIL Certs and Being Prospering – Are these Connected?

In a current survey, ITIL Foundation ranked on the 7th position to pay high salary along with certified experts who earn the salary that is around $120,654. However, the experts of IT must be familiar with the fact that only having a certification would not enhance your salary. Despite the fact, you are getting cert in ITIL validates an assurance to give brilliance in the field, the only cert might not be correlated straightly with the achievement in career. It’s not a matter which path you have selected in the IT field, obtaining ITIL certification is an authentic way to turn out such another leap in a professional way.