13th June 2024

Reusable Covid-19 Face Masks

Since wearing non-medical face coverings is the new normal for just about any situation outside of one’s home, it makes one wonder what’s out there in terms of reusable COVID-19 face masks. As the price of disposable face masks can add up, exploring options that leave a smaller carbon footprint and can be used multiple times is an excellent idea. Thankfully, washable, reusable masks have been developed that make staying safe more stylish and comfortable than ever before.

Reusable Mask Cleaning

Sure, they’re reusable, but you’ll need to keep them clean so they can remain useful. Just as often as one washes their clothing, that’s how often the masks need to be washed. Why? Well, the facemasks can get contaminated, which would beat the purpose of their use. In the event it gets contaminated, the contamination will remain on whatever you leave it on every single time you take it off. In addition to putting yourself at risk of getting Covid-19, one could also develop skin problems from the bacteria and dirt that transfers from the mask to one’s face.

When To Clean Reusable Masks

So how does one go about cleaning their mask? Well, it should be washed regularly or as often as it is worn. Even though the mask is meant to protect other individuals, it still requires washing. If the mask isn’t washed, one can become ill themselves due to the bacteria and germs inside.

The Best Way To Wash Reusable Masks

One of the best ways to wash a mask would be popping it into a washing machine with some fabric safe disinfectant. Every time the reusable mask is worn, it should be washed to be safe. It’ll be fine being washed with other items, so there’s no need to wash it alone.

Can Reusable Masks Be Hand Washed?

If one doesn’t have regular access to a washer, the reusable mask can be hand washed. You can fill up a basin with some hot water and a bit of detergent to scrub the mask. Make sure it is washed for five minutes, then rise it out with cold water. After this, let it dry completely.

Where Should My Reusable Mask Be Stored When Not In Use

Leaving it in the bottom of a backpack or a handbag isn’t such a great idea, as it can still be susceptible to contamination. However, leaving it in a disposable bag until it is used (or after it’s used) is an excellent idea. Doing so not only keeps it clean, but keeps it separate until it can get washed.