27th May 2024

Uses for Your Dual-core Single Board Computer

Utilizing Single-Board Computers


When you’re looking to get a computer for personal or business use, you’re probably thinking of getting the typical computer that’s made out of multiple parts combined. However, an option to consider is getting a dual-core single board computer. While they can be limited in functions, they are useful for these types of uses.


A dual-core single-board computer is going to be less powerful than your traditional PC, but they can be more convenient to use. If you’re running a business that needs computers running all of the time to do a specific task, getting multiple of these computers can be convenient for you. You’ll only have to connect the cables in the back, saving you all of the time that it would take to build each computer. Additionally, you won’t have to worry much about troubleshooting issues such as accidentally picking out a non-compatible part for your motherboard. Consider choosing these single board computers when you’re looking for something more convenient.


When you’re purchasing parts for a computer, a lot of the price goes into making sure each part is compatible with many other different parts as computers don’t typically come in single units. Single-board computers, however, are built only to connect to whatever is on that board which means you’re not spending money on any of the connectors and driver circuits necessary to make them run. Look into what task you are taking on as the lower price will help you get more computers to work at it.


Running a business means that you’re not only going to be concerned about the price of the computers you are using but everything else that goes into that. That means shipping, paying people to actually put the computers together, and simply having the space available to put down the computers. Additionally, you should think about how much power you’re using. With the lower amount of capacitors on the single-board computers compared to normal computers, you’re not only saving money on how much they cost but on the power, you’re going to use over time. If you compare costs for a single one of each computer, it might not seem like too much money you’re saving but when you combine an entire farm of computers, you’re going to be saving a lot more money in which you can use for other parts of your business. Consider single-board computers when you are looking to save money in the long run.


When you hear about a company having a computer farm, that typically means that they have rented out a large building to house all of their computers in. This can be expensive over time renting a facility that not only has to be large enough to fit everything inside but be able to be fitted with the right air-conditioning so you don’t have your farm potentially overheat and set on fire, costing you money in not only replacing the computers but the building itself. A way to make your farm smaller and possibly even fit in your existing building is to purchase single-board computers. The compact size of each one will add up over time, meaning that you’ll be able to put in dozens of computers in spaces where you might have only been able to fit few. Think about going for single-board computers when you are looking to limit how much space you’re taking up with your computers.