21st May 2024

What Qualities Should I Look for in a Baler Repair Company?

A commercial compactor or baler is a major investment for any company. When it breaks down, trash and recyclables quickly build up. Without speedy repair, restaurants and stores are left with rising garbage bills and a storage problem as boxes, wrappers and packing materials pile higher and higher. To get back in service quickly, research reputable baler repair companies and find a firm that will restore full baling functions ASAP.  Look for a repair business able to provide both fast fixes and proactive maintenance.

Prompt attention is preferred

Depending on the number of boxes, plastic wrap and other recyclables a business moves through in a day, a baling backup can quickly impede operations. When a baler will not turn on or compact materials, search for baler repair companies with the ability to arrive at the site within 24 hours. Because emergencies do not recognize holidays, always check to see if the company services machines 365 days per year and ask if added fees are assessed for holiday hours.

What about parts?

Quick arrivals mean little when a repair service is unable to quickly correct a problem. Make sure a preferred company is ready to hunker down and see full baling functionality restored without adding on time for ordering equipment. This means the firm should travel with all the necessary tools and parts needed to repair the equipment no matter the make or model. Ask about the type of repair parts carried by technicians to make sure original equipment manufacturer replacements or a quality aftermarket brand are being used.

Leave it better than you found it

If service companies used in the past moved from repair to repair without developing a game plan for proactive care, look elsewhere. Preventive maintenance needs to be practiced from the start of a baler’s service life. However, it is better to start with routine care later than never. Pick a company like Global Trash Solutions who is ready to help avoid future downtime by implementing a routine maintenance inspection. Our technicians can identify potential problem spots early while making sure the baler stays compliant with OSHA standards for workplace safety.