27th May 2024

Why do the SUV Owners Change to be Sedan Owners? Five Points to Consider When Buying the SUV


The performance of SUV in these years is awesome. Many people will choose an SUV when buying a car, resulting in poor sales of the sedan. However, this year, There is a decline in sales of SUV. Many people who used to drive SUV changed to sedan. Why? Let’s take a look at 5 reasons below.

  1. High fuel consumption

First of all, the fuel consumption of the SUV is much higher than that of the sedan. The weight of a typical sedan is much lighter than that of an SUV.  At the same time, the size of the wheel hub is relatively large. Therefore, the higher fuel consumption of the SUV is also required.

  1. Parking is difficult

The difficulty of parking here is not to say that parking spaces cannot be found, but it is relatively difficult to park. Many people begin to buy a car once they have obtained a driver’s license. Driving SUV, many people will have problems with parking because of the blind spot caused by the high model. Sometimes, if some parking spaces are relatively narrow, it will be even more embarrassing if they stop entering. So parking is one of the reasons why many people change to cars.

  1. Poor comfort

Although many people bought an SUV for larger space, many people found that SUV have poor comfort. When driving in the city, we feel comfortable in the sedan. Although the SUV has a large space, it is not suitable for the elderly. If comfort is your first consideration, it is more reliable to drive a sedan.

In fact, this problem can be solved. Just install an Intelligent power seat. It has 6 main functions:

  1. Massage Function

The back massage device of the seat run regularly to relax driving fatigue. It is an amazing function because driving is very tired especially when you drive for a long time. With the intelligent power seat, we can enjoy the massage in our own car.

  1. Courtesy Function

When getting on and off the car, because the driver’s seat is narrow, the driver often has to touch the steering wheel, especially for some tall or fat drivers. Having an intelligent power seat, they will get an incredible experience. When the driver gets on and off the vehicle, the seat is intelligently adjusted and gives them enough room to prevent pressure.

  1. Pneumatic Waist Support Function

The airbag is inflated and combined with four-way lumbar support to protect the health and safety of the lumbar spine.

  1. Memory Function

We don’t need to adjust the seat every time we get in the car with the memory function. Just press one button. The seat will keep the way in the last time.

  1. Seat Cushion Heating Function

Squeezing the catch, the smart turbofan and permeable airbag will prevent sweat on the back and hip, which keep the driver cool and agreeable constantly.

F: Boss Key Function

To keep a comfortable distance between the driver and the passengers on the back seat, the passengers can change the seat by squeezing the catch on the side.

4: General handling

We all know that the body of the SUV is much higher than the car. So the gravity of it is also high. When driving across the corner, performance is affected. Gravity can increase the leaning when turning. It is easy to cause a car accident if you driving at high speed.

5: Space does not need

Although they bought SUV or even MPV, they found that they could not use such a huge space when driving. With poor comfort and higher fuel consumption, it is not worth buying compared to a car.

These are the reasons why many SUV drivers change to the sedan after driving for a period of time. When you buy your first car, these are the factors you need to consider about!

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