27th May 2024

Which Is The Best Choice For Gaming Screen – 2K Or 4K Monitor?

There are two main types of monitor resolutions used for manufacturing a gaming monitor screen. These are 2K gaming monitor screen or 4K gaming monitor screen. “4K” which was earlier used in high-end Television systems is now used in manufacturing computer monitors.

Some manufacturers also use the “2K” monitor screen. It is also called Quad High Definition that provides 2560 X 1440 resolutions. If you are planning to purchase a gaming monitor screen and indecisive between a 2k or 4k monitor, then read this article.

Types of 4k gaming monitors

There are mainly two kinds of 4K gaming monitors: UHD, and cinematic 4K. Cinematic 4K offers a resolution of “4096 X 2160”. It is the leading standard in the “movie projection” industry. It was formed by DCI and widely regarded as the “true 4K.” UHD or Ultra High Definition suggests full HD 1920 X 1080.

It has a 16:9 aspect ratios and a resolution of 3840 X 2160. It is the standard used in monitors, television sets and other types of consumer media. About 99% of the 4K monitors available in the market come with a UHD resolution. Prime cables is a leading company that sells gaming 2K and 4K gaming monitor to give an exemplary game playing experience to players.

About 2k monitor resolution

“2K” resolution on a gaming monitor screen is “Quad High Definition”. It provides a resolution of “2560 X 1440”. Manufacturers use it to accentuate the 16:9 aspect ratios. 2k gaming monitor resolution has been there for a long time in the market.

Price is one of the major distinctions between 2K and 4K technologies, as 4k comes with a higher price and need more electricity for its operation. It provides more display pixels, compared to 2k resolution. The addition of pixels provides improved gaming experience.

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Why should you go for a 4k gaming resolution?

4k resolution provides extra pixels that produce exemplary display. Unless you have a very strict budget, you should purchase a higher resolution monitor. Games will appear sharper, and it will definitely increase your productivity as well. The high-resolution monitor provides more capability to a monitor to display more content at once.

Why should you go for a 2k gaming resolution?

4K resolution monitors are not as affordable as the 2K ones. Secondly, to achieve 60 fps to get a smoother gaming experience is hard and expensive in modern games. If you wish a lower 2k resolution on 4K monitor, then it will look worse when watched on a 2K screen.


These are some of the important factors that you need to consider when choosing between 2k and 4k technologies.