5th March 2024

Why More Businesses are Using a Storage Facility for Inventory

A storage facility can be used for so much more than tucking away household goods for short or long term periods. In actuality, more businesses are using them to hold part or even the majority of their inventory and extra supplies. Check out these sweet perks to offsite storage and how your biz can benefit.

First Things First—Eliminate Old Inventory

Before moving any inventory, take time to determine what you do and don’t need. While getting rid of old stuff may cut into the bottom line, it’s most important to maintain the inventory you actually sell and use in your operations. Declutter, and move on to step #2.

Organizing Your Inventory for Optimal Management

How your business inventory is organized is vital to ensuring timely delivery and efficiency in operations overall. Organize your goods by type, and if possible, code them with stock-keeping unit stickers on bins that can also help you manage inventory accurately.

Ideally, shelving units could be installed along the walls of the storage facility for ease of access and replenishment. Remember the 80/20 rule of inventory: 80 percent of your sales will hail from 20 percent of your stock, so keep those items closest to the front of your stored merchandise.

Additional Considerations for Business Self Storage

When moving business inventory off-site and into a self-storage unit, be sure to have your items adequately insured. If needed, get an additional policy to supplement the facility coverage.

Opt for climate-controlled units to make certain that your goods don’t suffer damage due to excessive temperatures. As an added perk, most facilities will be amenable to you changing spaces along with your business needs.

In conclusion, if your business inventory is highly valuable, consider looking into local self-storage facilities with monitored security and additional protective measures to prevent intrusions.