21st July 2024

7 Beer Brands You Must Try At Least Once

Did you know that at any point of time, 0.7% of the worldis drunk? In fact, the world’s largest hangover went on for a week, after 60 pints of beer were gulped down by a Scotsman. Of course, beer is the world’s most celebrated drink, with a host of health benefits.

As summer approaches, while the coronavirus impact continues to sweep across the world, here are a few beer brands to help you de-stress.

1.    Bira 91

Bira 91 is an Indian craft beer, with a spicy citrus taste. This high intensity wheat beer is low in bitterness and calorie count. It has 7% alcohol content and tastes more of caramel and honey. You can take your pick from Boom Classic, Boom Strong, Light, Strong, Blonde, White Craft and India Pale Ale.

2.    Corona

Since the virus outbreak, several corona beer rumors have been doing the rounds. But, this is one of the finest Mexican drinks, which has no connection with the pandemic. It is usually found in high-end clubs and has a smooth, crisp taste. Corona beer is internationally recognized for its fruity, honey aroma and is well balanced between hops and malt. The variants include Corona Light and Corona Extra.

3.    Kings

This is unique to Goa and is now widely available in metropolitan cities across India. With a perfect blend of taste from hops and maize flakes, this is ideal for some beachside fun. You can choose from Kings Maxx, Kings Strong and Kings Pilsner. The smoky malt aroma, paired with delicious sea food, is a match made in heaven!

4.    Heineken

Heineken is produced in Holland, where it is brewed for almost a month. This renders the distinct full flavor, which is more bitter than most mass-produced lagers. It has a copper-like aroma and a dry finish. Heineken is finely carbonated and goes down well with spicy side dishes.

5.    Hoegaarden

This is an ancient beer, first brewed way back in 1445. Orange peel and coriander are unfiltered and give the beer a cloudy appearance. The taste is spicy citrus, the aroma is bready and the overall finish is dry. It has 4.9% alcohol and makes for a refreshing drink.

6.    White Rhino

Made from tettnanger hops, magnum, pilsner malt and mittelfruh, this domestic craft lager was launched in 2016. The two variants are Belgian Style Wit and Domestic India Pale Ale. It has a tangy sweetness, backed by an earthy wooden flavor. After it hits, the beer will take a few moments to reach the highest high.

7.    Miller High Life

This American style lager is a significant name in the beer world. This is one of the cheapest beers in India,and is a great mix of Pacific Northwest Hops and Saaz. It is clean and crisp and far more refreshing than many expensive beers on the market.

So, the next time you feel bogged down by the coronavirusimpact and the prolonged lockdown, try these beer brands to kick back and relax.