21st July 2024

Find Out More About What SEO Services will Look Like in 2020!

The actual SEO landscape is very dynamic, especially after last year’s algorithm updates.

2020 saw a new Google Core Update, with the ever-growing volatility of the search engine still dictating the “dance” of results in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Of course, some elements remain unchanged, for example, mobile optimization, the relevant keyword strategy for your business and others, but there are a lot of factors that are constantly changing.

For example, how you communicate relevant information about the product you want to sell or the service you want to offer could have a stronger impact than the keywords themselves. When talking about SEO, a lot of people only see the technical perspective. However, even Google itself announced some time ago that there will be important changes in the way a site’s content is treated, and the relevance of the site on certain expressions will be determined accordingly. Therefore, instead of searching for strictly technical SEO services, it is recommended to choose an agency that offers quality SEO, from the keyword strategy to the content of the blog, product presentations, and different online press articles.

We are talking about effective communication between your brand and your clients’ needs, this being the number 1 priority this year. Compared to a decade ago, articles that are written and transformed into “SEO articles” are, nowadays, fundamentally wrong. This is why we must try to discover our clients’ intentions and their demands, before writing a blog article or a product presentation.

Therefore, if we were to ask a few professional SEO agencies from around the country how they could boost their clients’ visibility, we would probably get the same answer: “It’s more and more clear that Google advantages big brands while offering up-and-coming businesses services such as Google Ads, for occupying the first page positions”.

However, regardless of the technical SEO or quality of the content, if users have to choose between a result from a well-known brand, compared to an affirming brand, they will most likely choose the first one. Most of the time, the decision of buying something is strictly influenced by the brand, even if the buyer doesn’t know yet what product to choose. Considering all this, how can online shops and other affirming businesses make their name and brand, on an oversaturated market?

The answer is very simple, but most of the companies that offer SEO don’t know it yet: we are talking about Creative marketing, alongside digital PR!

When we notice that a company starts to dominate social media channels, answers users’ questions or posts on Facebook, has a quality YouTube content and, generally, has a positive image online, we naturally start to trust that company, regardless of the SERP positions.

It becomes harder and harder to “force” Google, and link spamming, forum spamming or keyword stuffing are practices that lose ground fast. Nowadays, in terms of SEO, high-quality on-page content is needed, which users want to see and read. Everything that tells a story, answers a question or educates users in any way has the potential of generating viral content, which Google will take into consideration. This thing helps brand awareness and, in consequence, has the potential of increasing your turnover.

In conclusion, may it be technical SEO or the actual content of a site, we have to take into consideration the PR and online marketing components, which help the brand move forward. Even if we are talking about YouTube commercials, Facebook or Instagram promotional campaigns or just a simple newsletter, it’s important to understand that approaching a potential client is a crucial factor, which can make the difference between occupying a position on the first page of results or the second one.