21st May 2024

When and how to move to Arlington, TX

The idea of moving can be panic inducing. Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street the process always seems to be far more complicated and stressful than it needs to be. But it doesn’t need to be!

Are you considering moving to Arlington, TX? Here’s a few tips to make the move as smooth and painless as possible.

When is the best time to move to Arlington?

Texas gets hot in the summer. That might sound too obvious, like saying “water is wet”. However, it’s important to think of how hot it’s going to be as you’re moving boxes and furniture, getting your utilities turned on, etc. From May to September Arlington rarely sees the daytime temperature drop below 85 F. Heat like that saps energy and enthusiasm and makes for grumpy, stressed out people.

When planning your move choose some time in mid-spring or mid-autumn. The temperatures will be moderate and easier on you and everyone helping you move.

Making a molehill out of a mountain

Before you pack a single box go through everything you own and purge things that you don’t want or need anymore. There is no reason to pack up these items and take them with you. Look through clothes, books, DVD collections, knick knacks, children’s toys, furniture, and decor that you might not even notice cluttering up your space and consider if you really want them to come with you to your new home. Once the purge is complete you will realize there is probably a lot less to pack than you thought.

There are many options out there for you to donate items that are in good condition where they will be appreciated including women’s shelters and childrens’ homes.

Once your pile of stuff is more manageable, start to sort items by room. When packing, always pack by the room the item will be in once you have moved. This simplifies unpacking once you are in your new space.

Research professional movers

Hiring a moving company makes the entire process so much easier. Some moving companies will even help you pack, if that’s what you’re looking for, but even having people there to haul the boxes and furniture will make your moving experience far more tolerable. If you are moving across the country, you will need to look at moving companies in both cities.

There are many Arlington movers to choose from to help make this process as painless as possible. Doing your research ahead of time and scheduling with a company in advance rather than waiting until you are in town ensures a swift and easy moving process.

Pack essentials separately

What are you going to need in the first few days in your new home? Toiletries, medications, a few pots and pans, and clothes for a start. Make sure you have a box or bag with essentials that is set aside and clearly marked to avoid having to dig through boxes looking for pajamas or shampoo. Try to walk through a normal day and think about all the things that you use. Phone chargers. Coffee cups (and coffee pot!). All the little things that will make your first few days as easy as possible.

Any major life change like moving is going to be stressful. That’s unavoidable. But there are definitely ways to minimize that stress. These tips are great ways to take steps in that direction. Just remember that there are many Arlington movers to choose from to help make this process that much easier and to take a few deep breaths along the way.