24th April 2024

Glasses frames for under $150

Unless you have 20/20 eye vision, glasses are going to be a part of your life. Wearing the same pair of glasses frames can seem boring, that’s why we recommend changing up your look every 6-months or seasonally if you can afford to do so.

What to look for when purchasing new eyeglasses frames

If you aren’t happy with the selection of frames at your local eye doctor, going to a larger franchise can be your only option.

When going into a larger chain, look for specials they have hung up around the store. Sometimes you can grab a couple of pairs of glasses frames for $79, then pay for the lenses separately.

Here’s how to have success when you have an abundance of glasses options:

  • Ask the clerk if the glasses are separated with men vs women. Then go to the correct area you fall in.
  • Check for pricing. Most places will group the same frame prices together. You don’t want to make the mistake of liking a pair that’s out of your price range.
  • Look at glasses that are a specific color. For instance, if you know that purple is the best color of glasses frames for your face tone, grab 10-15 pairs of different purple tones. Then you can try them all on at once and compare styles.
  • Ask others for their opinion. When you get down to your favorite 2-3 pairs of glasses and you can’t choose which one looks the best – ask someone else. It’s ok to ask the person next to you for their opinion. They don’t know you, so they’ll likely give it to you straight. Same with the clerks. Everyone is in there for the same reason as you, utilize them!