21st July 2024

All about digital acrylic prints: Ordering, durability, printing technique and more!

Need something special for that bedroom wall? Want a piece of wall art for your office that doesn’t cost a fortune? Well, instead of buying something off the shelves from a store, how about customizing digital acrylic prints?  In this post, we are decoding all you need to know about digital acrylic prints!

How are digital acrylic prints made?

You may hear terms like digital printing and face mounting, but these are not the same things. Popular printing services like Big Acrylic photo prints use direct printing, which means that the image is printed directly on the back of acrylic material. Face mounting, on the other hand, involves printing the image on photo paper, which is then placed between a substrate and acrylic material. Digital printing is much more durable, and the quality of images produced is much better.

Do digital acrylic prints need maintenance? Are these durable?

One of the many reasons why people want digital acrylic prints is because of durability. Unlike glass, acrylic doesn’t shatter, so there is no safety hazard. Secondly, the material itself is very light and durable, so if you want to print a photograph for hanging on the wall, acrylic does come off as a better choice than glass. As for maintenance, you have to clean digital acrylic prints once in a while for dust, and for that, you can use mild soapy water and a cloth that’s non-abrasive. With just basic care, your prints can last for as long as two decades or more. However, note that acrylic is not suited for outdoor use.

What about sizing and display?

The size of your digital acrylic prints is a personal choice. Most printing companies have standard sizes, but for digital printing technique, it is possible to print large images. For larger prints, you definitely need high-resolution pictures. As for the display, there are three popular choices – float, float frame and standoff. Each one has its own appeal, so check for samples and order what works for your space. For commercial premises, float is a good choice. Note that the thickness of material doesn’t really impact the quality of image, but for large digital acrylic prints, you need thicker material for ensuring durability.

Check online now to find more on digital acrylic prints, and don’t forget to find a printing service that’s reliable and well-known. For bulk orders, ask for the delivery time and estimate in advance.