22nd September 2023

Category: Finance

What is the right amount to Invest in SIP Mutual Fund?

Those who are new to investing, they need to understand it is essential to first discuss your financial goals (both short term and long term) with your financial advisor before investing. There are end number investment schemes to choose from. Goal based investing is always a good idea because when you start investing keeping a […]

How are Bluechip Funds Better Than Small-Cap Funds?

Different equity funds invest in stocks of companies with different market capitalization. For those are new to the world of finance and investing, market capitalization is the value of a company that is traded on the stock market, calculated by multiplying the total number of shares by the present share price. Market capitalization can be […]

Generate Wealth And Save Tax With ELSS fund

We all know that in order to create wealth one has to inculcate the discipline of savings regularly. The earlier you start the better it is. This way you have more years in hand to achieve your targeted financial goals. Goal based targeting has generally found success as investors are emotionally attached to their goals. […]

ULIP Plan Will Help You to Secure Your Child’s Future

For several investors, the primary goal is to build a corpus for the future to meet the child’s expenses. Although there are many child investment plans, many people prefer investing in ULIPs. Read on to know more about how you can secure your child’s future with ULIPs. Becoming a parent could be one of the […]

5 Tips for Teaching Teens About Personal Finance

Life as a teenager means transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Unfortunately, few teens are properly taught the basics of personal finance prior to their 18th birthday. Despite learning advanced mathematics, foreign languages, and world history by the time they graduate high school, most teenagers don’t know the importance of credit, savings, and financial discipline. The […]

5 Tips to Get More Value Out of Your Term Insurance 

If you are worried about the financial security of your family after your absence, then investing in a life insurance plan should be your priority.  Out of the different life insurance plans, it is advisable to consider investing in a term insurance plan. If you are curious to know what is term insurance plan, we are […]

10 Personal Loan Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Be it a financial emergency or funding an important goal, we can find ourselves in a variety of situations in which a personal loan might be the ideal financial solution. These unsecured loans are simple, easy-to-avail online and available at competitive personal loan interest rates. However, many borrowers still remain unsure due to the common […]

ULIP Calculator – Tips for First-Time Users

Unit-Linked Insurance Plans are considered by investors mainly to achieve long-term financial goals, like a child’s education, business expansion, and buying a house, among others. ULIP is a great investment tool for wealth creation. Apart from providing substantial returns, it offers tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It is advisable […]

ULIPs Vs Mutual Funds

The Indian investor has a plethora of investment schemes to choose from. Gone are the days when only low interest offering conservative products were the only investment choice. Due to the introduction of modern financial products like mutual funds and ULIPs investors now have the chance of garnering decent capital appreciation. They do not have […]

Invest in Wall Street through Global Funds

Are you someone who follows global markets carefully? Have you always seen potential in international markets but never got an opportunity to invest in these for income generation? Global markets function differently from how they do in India. In 2023, when NIFTY saw a 14 percent rise when it rose from 5694 to 6483 in […]