22nd September 2023

Month: November 2018

The dos and don’ts of storage

A storage unit may seem like an extra garage or room off your house, and by standard it kind of is. However, there is a right and wrong way to be successful with your unit. The dos of being a storage unit owner Choose a storage unit that’s not too large or too small. It’s important […]

6 Accessories to Complete Your Little One’s Collection of Princess Dresses

For some girls, playing dress-up can be serious business. Whether she’s planning out outfits for the next pageant or simply wants to turn all the heads at her next Halloween party, beautiful princess dresses are the perfect way to make your little darling feel like real royalty. Even with a variety of princess dresses, your […]

All about digital acrylic prints: Ordering, durability, printing technique and more!

Need something special for that bedroom wall? Want a piece of wall art for your office that doesn’t cost a fortune? Well, instead of buying something off the shelves from a store, how about customizing digital acrylic prints?  In this post, we are decoding all you need to know about digital acrylic prints! How are […]

What makes an ELSS the ideal first mutual fund?

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a diversified mutual fund scheme which offers the dual advantage of capital appreciation and tax savings to investors. You can claim anELSS tax benefit under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act up to Rs.1.5 lakh in a financial year. Besides, an ELSS tax saving fund has a mandatory […]

Can you use video surveillance as evidence?

Video security systems in your home or at your business give you an easy way to catch criminal activity, should it happen. But, can you use that surveillance as evidence in court? Yes, you can use it as evidence in court, but it may not be enough evidence to have something on camera. While that […]

Average rental prices in the US

Looking for a place to live that’s affordable can be tough given that the national rent increased by 01. % in the US starting 2020. That means most places saw steady growth and a steady demand for rentals across the nation. This is great for the people who own the rental properties but not so […]

Glasses frames for under $150

Unless you have 20/20 eye vision, glasses are going to be a part of your life. Wearing the same pair of glasses frames can seem boring, that’s why we recommend changing up your look every 6-months or seasonally if you can afford to do so. What to look for when purchasing new eyeglasses frames If […]

The importance of pet insurance that you can’t deny

Pet insurance is extremely important as it works in the form of a safety net to help shield you again unforeseen costs connected to your pet. Here, in this condition, the most apparent reason for having insurance coverage for your dog or cat is covering veterinary bills. Nonetheless, though it looks like an unimportant expense, […]

Does my home need a ridge vent

If your home is one that has a pointed roof, you may be a homeowner of a roof with a ridge vent. There are two types of ridge vents: shingle-over-vents and aluminum-vents. Shingle-over vent: A shingle over ridge vent is one that is created at the top peak of the roof. The opening allows air […]

Greatest Keychain for Men

Because we cannot handle the keys, the keychain is really an invention worth praising. Dating back to ancient times, our oldest ancestors seized upon the ease of portable tool kits designed to handle the unexpected in addition to everyday task. Varying in size and amount of gear, these keychains provide everything you could possibly need […]