4th June 2023

Category: Shopping

7 Winter Packing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Yes, blaming the winter layers is true because it adds more weight on body. Women are more reluctant in the matter of adding multiple warm layers in order to stop the cold. This sounds easy but asks for a huge compromise on fashion and style. Coupon.ae has good news for buyers who want to buy […]

Everything You Should Know About Sensory Toys and Their Activities 

These are toys that ensure children who have autism have specific sensory input. These toys fully grab our kid’s attention, whether they are visual or not. This feature makes them a powerful enforcer in programs that require behavioral analysis. Some toys are good fidget toys, and they significantly enhance keenness and focus on children and […]

Guess Who’s Back – Sam Faiers!

How excited are you all to see Rare London’s new SS17 Edit with our favourite girl Sam Faiers? From sequins and sparkles to floral embroidery, Sam’s collection has it all. Created by our designers and then hand selected by Sam herself, this collection really is to die for. Now, it’s still too early to reveal […]

Retail Therapy Is A Necessity Not A Need, And BAD Is Here To Help

I could probably bet that we have all had a bad day, and after it, we just want to buy something to make ourselves feel a little better.Whether it be a dress, bag, or anything that makes you look or feel good, retail therapy is known to be a common way for people to handle […]

Are prescription reading glasses worth it?

It’s okay to wonder if prescription reading glasses are worth it or not because they certainly cost more than off-the-shelf reading glasses. But the fact is, in most cases, prescription reading glasses are worth it and can save you from a lot of trouble. Yet, it all depends on your requirements and priorities regarding your […]

Perfect Earrings Ideas to Wear at Work

Women have been the trendiest and fashionable group that never shy away from showcasing their style to the world. However, the real challenge kicks in when you need to dress up, maintaining strict office policies. Every office has its etiquette, and you need to follow it strictly. But never let that stop you from displaying […]

To My Beautiful Wife Necklace Designs

Are you looking for the best gift for your wife? Are you tired of searching but found nothing impressive? No worries, because we have got your back on this. We have some of the best “to my beautiful wife” gift ideas for you. Whether it is your wife’s birthday or baby shower or anniversary, you […]

Reasons to Fall in Love With Kids’ Crocs

Crocs are everywhere today. From comfort to style, crocs can add class and coolness to your look. Crocs are ideally preferred among the kids. With funky colour choices to different patterns, crocs kids shoes have now become favourites among the kids. When it comes to kids shoes, today parents are inclining towards crocs kids shoes. […]

6 Accessories to Complete Your Little One’s Collection of Princess Dresses

For some girls, playing dress-up can be serious business. Whether she’s planning out outfits for the next pageant or simply wants to turn all the heads at her next Halloween party, beautiful princess dresses are the perfect way to make your little darling feel like real royalty. Even with a variety of princess dresses, your […]

Glasses frames for under $150

Unless you have 20/20 eye vision, glasses are going to be a part of your life. Wearing the same pair of glasses frames can seem boring, that’s why we recommend changing up your look every 6-months or seasonally if you can afford to do so. What to look for when purchasing new eyeglasses frames If […]