22nd September 2023

Month: November 2018

The FOD*BOSS Runway Sweepers  

Introduction One of the risk factors for an airport is debris on the runway, in the event of excess debris on the runway; a lot of adverse events can occur during the plane takeoffs and landings especially if the planes are fast speed jets like military jets or heavy carriers like military plane carriers. FOD […]

Top 5 Open Source and Commercial Secure Code Review Tools

The reviewing of coding is a crucial element of the process of development. And similar to this, the tools of code reviewing are the vital aspects of the team of developers. Here we presented the listing of topmost 5 open sources as well as the tools of commercial securing code reviewing. Code reviewing is an […]

Containerization for Big Data and Machine Learning

Using containers for big data The insights which can be obtained from reviewing big data sets with Apache Spark*, Hadoop*, and other big data frameworks are of great business value. But massive volumes on large computing clusters can take hours to handle. Such costs to the resource may be high. The cost of a job […]

Follow These Steps to Set Up Your Kid’s First iPhone

It can be a crucial time for parents when they have to think of getting their kid their first smartphone. Having a smartphone has become the need of the hour. Parents have to give in to the pressure of their kids to get them a phone so they can easily fit into society.  When it […]

The Rise in the Popularity of Cryptocurrency Investment

Seeing the incompetence of conventional investments like gold and real estate to meet the profit expectations, the investment markets have seen the investors’ attaining steep leverage towards investing in virtual currencies. The statement of Hal Finney and several other like-minded investment experts makes us see Bitcoin as a future of banking and finance because of […]

Everything You Should Know About Sensory Toys and Their Activities 

These are toys that ensure children who have autism have specific sensory input. These toys fully grab our kid’s attention, whether they are visual or not. This feature makes them a powerful enforcer in programs that require behavioral analysis. Some toys are good fidget toys, and they significantly enhance keenness and focus on children and […]

Why Should You Opt For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

Carpets are one of the most visible parts of your home, contributing on a large scale to the overall design of the room they are rolled out in, but also one of the most exposed since they are literally stepped on every single day. Furthermore, because of the material they are made out of, they […]

Got ITIL V4 Certified; What Is Next

Every individual is trying to find any certification that is in technology to boost their career. Professional cert means that certification in which an individual is enough capable to do with their assigned tasks or a job, generally to clear the exam or complete their course work. On the other side, there is an increase […]

Here’s what every business must know about malware attacks

Malware attacks have caused massive damage to businesses worldwide. Hackers are relying on different types of malware, with varied intentions. From stealing & editing data, to encrypting files for a ransom and spying on user activities, the purpose could vary. Malware attacks are typically launched through phishing scams, and it is important for companies to […]

Fantasy Kabbadi –an online skill based game

Kabbadi is a popular sport in India and is a skill based game liked by sports lovers. Fantasy Kabbadi is a virtual game that game lovers love to play online. It provides a platform where you can create Fantasy Kabbadi team or squad that involves players. The team can be created according to your choice […]